Chances of transferring from Vanderbilt to Brown, Penn, Cornell?

<p>I never really considered transferring when i applied to colleges. i'm not one of those ppl who was just looking to get to a school just to have one foot out the door. vanderbilt really was my first choice. but since i've been there i've realized that i'm really not happy there. i still have another semester to go, so i'm going to wait on my final decision, but it looks at this point like transfer is likely. my gpa is a 3.43 (although that is due to getting rid of one of my GERs where I got a B- and micro econ where I got a B, otherwise all A's). i'm heavily involved in organizations and already have leadership positions in them. i'm taking 4 classes next semester where i should be able to get an A in each of them (no GERs, two within in my major etc). so my question is what are my odds of getting in? mind you that vanderbilt is somewhat of a peer school to at least brown and cornell and not some junior college or community college.</p>

<p>pretty good chance. but your gpa could be higher 3.6+?
go for it. nothing to loose</p>