Chances of transferring into Duke University

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>I was just curious if anyone has any idea as to the grades, sat/act scores, or extracurriculors you need to transfer into Duke University ? Is it even possible ?</p>

<p>Duke is among the toughest universities to transfer into--up there with HYS; every applicant from CC that has been accepted recently(2-3 that I've seen) was at a peer institution and had a very solid record throughout. If you didn't have a chance as a freshman you probably don't have much of a chance as a transfer unless you have a pretty significant "hook".</p>

<p>Just my $.02 so before anyone goes and flames me for being so pessimistic just realize that everything on this website is speculation, at least my opinion is somewhat informed.</p>

<p>"If you didn't have a chance as a freshman you probably don't have much of a chance as a transfer unless you have a pretty significant 'hook'."</p>

<p>-i dont think that should deter anyone in the least</p>

<p>stoneimmaculate, you're the first to flame others, so ****.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to deter anyone, I would be the last to do so, you misunderstand me. Having a realistic outlook on what your up against is always healthy. One of the biggest reasons I didn't apply to Duke, along with the fact that I just didn't care for the school, is that it was hyper competitive for transfers.</p>

<p>If you want to apply go for it, I'll be pulling for you!</p>

<p>I agree with stoneimmaculate. The kind of students who are accepted to Duke have very similar achievements to those accepted at HYSP. Eric, I saw your Stanford chances thread, and frankly I'd say you have a long way to go. I've had a 4.0 GPA throughout community college, outstanding extracurriculars (student body government, founded clubs, etc.), and a 1340/1990 SAT, but was not at all confident that these stats would give me a realistic chance to transfer to Duke, so I opted not to apply. I would say to give yourself a realistic shot, score >2200 on the SAT, raise your GPA to >3.9 and get some solid extracurricular experience related to your academic major. Also, it's very important to build close relationships with your professors so they can write strong recommendation letters for you. Don't give up hope, just know what it takes to give yourself a realistic chance.</p>

<p>Hey You guys, theres no more HYSP or even HYS bc princeton and now even harvard arent accepting transfers :(..... Now we must refer to it as YSD from now on lol</p>

<p>YSD...sounds like...a drug..or an STD...</p>

<p>correction: ysc because we all know columbia > dartmouth + duke</p>

<p>The C can stand for Cornell. ^__^</p>

<p>I have no idea either...the most info I could find was a couple of articles in their newspaper and the only info I got from those were the schools people came from (among them Harvard...yikes). They don't seem to put out a lot of information about transfers but you could try searching the Duke forum. Good luck to you! :)</p>

<p>best schools in ny in this order: columbia, west point, cornell, nyu ;)</p>

<p>Cornell, Columbia, West Point..NYU.</p>