Chances of transferring into the School of Nursing?

Hi guys! I’m currently a second-semester freshman here at Pitt, and I’d like to apply for internal transfer into the SON at the end of this semester. Here are my stats:

4.0 college GPA (I’m doing really well in my current courses also, and am taking A&P 1, so I’m aiming for a 4.0 this sem as well)
3.6 unweighted high school GPA
1100 SAT
26 completed college credits at the end of this semester

My one issue is my SAT, I know “competitive” internal transfers are listed as having a 1280, but is this that much of an issue? I took the SATs when I was 16, and I’m nearly 19 now. How much do they weigh your scores?

Thank you so much!