Chances of Transferring to NU


So to start this off this will actually be my second transfer (reasons for transferring the first time are family crisis related). I am currently at a small school in Boston mostly because it accepted me without really having to apply after my first semester at college in the south (big state school) and because it was the easiest option close to home. I will be applying for fall of 2019 as a rising junior and if I keep on track I will have a 3.4/3.5 total gpa and a 3.6 institution gpa by the end of the year. I had a rough start my first semester due to family problems and am slowly but surely bringing my gpa back up. I would be applying to their international relations program even though I am currently a business major and hope to bring my business credits over as a minor.

For extra curriculars I am currently the elected chairperson of our model un team and hope to run as a senator this fall. I am also a part of the business honors program and do charity work as well as lifeguarding/teaching swim lessons during the summers. At my previous institution I was a member of a sorority, which included community service and leadership positions for the freshman class, and the DECA team.

In high school I was an honors student with a 3.55 and 1210 sat. President of model un, 3 season varsity athlete, DECA state finalist, and New Hampshire scholar. However, I will be applying with over 60 credit hours so I am not sure if that applies as much as it would have before.

I am also a pre-law student.

I am looking to transfer because I feel that my current university is not a challenging enough academic environment and because there is no campus or community feeling. I was coming from a giant school with more school spirit than I ever thought possible and now I am at a school where most students do not even live on campus or near it. If you have any more advice please include it! I am also looking for suggestions for other schools!

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: