Chances of Transferring?

I just wanted to know if Tech was a difficult school to get into for out-of-state transfer students. I currently have completed 40 transferable hours and have a 3.2 GPA. I really want to get in but I don’t have a clue if my chances are good. I do not have any extracurriculars but I have around 140 hours of community service that I included on my application and I have made the Dean’s List at my community college three times. Any input on what my odds are of getting in would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You seem well placed for admission to all of the colleges at Tech, excluding the honors college (which requires a 3.5). I suggest you take some time to look at the page below. (Sorry, I can’t seem to make it link, but you can copy/paste.) It contains a helpful link on which you can choose your state and school to see how your credits will transfer.

What do you want to study at Tech?