Chances of UCLA/Berkeley admission?

<p>Hi- I'm currently a high school senior applying for UC admission for next fall (fall of 2012). My first, second, and third choices are UCB, UCLA, and UCSD respectively. I'm currently working on my UCApp and I wanted to know my standings for admission into either school:</p>

Social Sciences Undecided
alternate: Physical Sciences undecided</p>

Letters and Science Undecided (perhaps pre-business option?? how does selecting this affect admission chances?</p>

Social Sciences undeclared
alternate: Biology, General</p>

Algebra 2/Trig Accelerated A/A
English I Accelerated A/A
Health -/A (2nd sem only)
water polo/ Swim-boys A/A
String Orchestra A/A
Spanish II A/A
Biology A/A</p>

Spanish III A/A
Student Government A/A
Honors Pre-Calculus A/A
AP Chemistry A/A
English II Accelerated A/A
String Orchestra A/A
AP European History B/B</p>

AP Psychology A/A
AP Biology A/B
AP Calculus AB A/A
AP US History A/A
English III A/A
String Orchestra A/A
Badminton -/A (2nd sem only)</p>

<p>12th grade course load:________ --work in progress--
Introductory Statistics
Advanced Composition
AP Government/Economics<br>
AP Physics B
String Orchestra

<p>***10-11th academic GPA: 4.4231 (weighted), 3.8846 (unweighted)
^^(im pretty sure this is the GPA UC's look at??)
Rank: 11/715</p>

<p>Test Scores:_________________________________________________
SAT: 1940 (May 2011), I recently took the October one and feel confident I broke 2000, so low 2000's hopefully (2050?)</p>

<p>SAT II's: 690 Biology, I'm taking Math II and Biology this november so I can add those to my app as well</p>

<p>AP tests: Euro (3), Chem (3), US (4), Bio (4), Psych (3), Calc (3)</p>

- California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Vice President.
Member since freshmen year (2008-present)
- National Honor Society Executive Council. Member since soph year (2009-present)
- Chamber Orchestra, section leader since 4th grade (2003-present)
- Weekly Chinese School, Saturdays 9-1pm (2002-present)
- Founder and President of local tutoring club through my high school founded club junior year (2010-present)
- Local City Youth Committee - member since freshmen year (2008-present)
volunteer work, monthly meetings, etc
- Student government (associated student body) and cabinet member. (2008-2010)
- Key Club Treasurer (2008-2010)</p>

<li>Wolverine Student of the Year Triple award winner in the subjects of Biology, Spanish II, and English I Honors</li>
<li>High School Junior Honor Court - faculty selected juniors to send off seniors at graduation</li>
<li>AP Scholar</li>
<li>Superintendents Honor Roll all semesters</li>

- Volunteer weekly at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop (2006-present, 300+ hours) - help clean, sort, organize donations. All proceeds to toward ACS.
- Local retirement home volunteer (2005-2009, 100+ hours) - interact with residents, play games, perform, engage in activities, comfort, etc.
- NHS Library Tutoring (2009-present, monthly hours) - tutor students on a weekly basis.
- CSF sponsored volunteer activities (turkey trot, food drive etc)
- Link Crew (Freshmen welcome committee) training Junior and Senior Year (2010-2011, 30+ hours) - introduce freshmen to our campus.
- Chinese School Volunteer (2005-present, weekly hour basis) - teach violin, tutor in chinese during 3rd period elective time etc. </p>

<p>** What are my chances of acceptance? My main concern is my SAT (1940)... but hopefully i broke 2000 in the most recent SAT i took a few weeks ago.
Thank you!</p>

<p>oh and also- how competitive are the majors ive selected? (mostly undeclared)</p>

<p>Uc gpa = 4.45</p>