Chances of UNC

<p>I was wondering what my chances would be in getting into the UNC chapel hill. I am an asian (indian) male, and live in Florida.
3.98 UW GPA 4.5 weighted
1450 SAT I
740/700 SAT II mathIIC/bio mb
class rank: 9/149
This is pretty misleading b/c i have recieved one "B" and there are like 15 valedictorians in my class because our school goes by unweighted GPA. The school I go to is probably one of the best public schools in Florida. I was wondering if that could help me any.
Leadership Roles/ECs</p>

<p>The AP's ive taken are: US History (3) Calculus (4) Biology (5) Government (4) and English Language (4). Right now im taking AP Chem, AP Stat and AP Lit for my senior year classes.</p>

<p>My main extracurricluars are:
Varsity Tennis 5-year letterman (my school is 7-12) captain (9-12)
Hospital, Red cross and soup kitchen volunteer.
I did research at UF for 8 weeks.
VP of NHS.
2nd place at State science olympiad competition
I have others but those are the main ones.
Other schools im applyin to are: Stanford ( i know a long shot) Duke, Northwestern, Miami, UF, and my first choice is UNC and thats the one i really want to know where I stand with. Thanks and if you think any other info would help just say so. And i was wondering whether I whould talk about all the hurricane garbage we have been through since the 2 hurricane eyes hit about an hour south of where I live. Thanks</p>

<p>O yeah and my recomendations will be solid, my essays should be above average and I am applying early action.</p>

<p>come one I know someone could provide some insight....i would really appreciate it.</p>

<p>hey i think you can get into UNC. if you cant then i might as well shootmyself (check out mine UNC-CH post, and lemme know whaty ou think about mine)
but i def think a yes for uncch
duke- maybe