Chances of Wait List

<p>I was looking at this year's Peterson and for fall 2005:</p>

<p>Deerfield: 1753 applied, 360 accepted, 201 enrolled.
Andover: 2229 applied, 469 accepted, 347 enrolled.
other schools similar.</p>

<p>Thus it would appear that they accept about 120 - 160 MORE students than they enroll - thus it would appear that chances of being accepted from waiting list is very slim.</p>

<p>yes -- that is correct. It is very unlikely that a student will be accepted off the waitlist. Schools offer admission to many more students than they expect to enroll. Many of the top schools did not go to the waitlist last year. If you need FA, the possibility is even less.</p>

<p>Yes, my mom spoke with someone at Taft (where I was waitlisted). She called to say I didn't want to stay on the waitlist and the Taft person said that the chances of anyone getting off the waitlist weren't good. I don't know how many people at Taft were waitlisted though....</p>

<p>From FA status, exeter, andover and several others have needless admission, they say if you are accepted and then need FA, you will get it no matter what.</p>

<p>biggestfoot -- that is true. There are a few schools, SPS/Andover/Exeter, that do have FA available for kids admitted off the waitlist -- however, I am not sure if any of those schools have gone to the waitlist in the past couple of years.</p>

I agree totally which was my original post. However, it is my understanding (and could be completely wrong) is that there are two types of FA schools. One is that nobody that is accepted will not get as much FA as the formula states (eg exeter) and the others that have so much money and once it is gone, it is gone.</p>

<p>We were told by Exeter that the waitlist has 131 people.....and some years they accept 0. So it does seem like a longshot; but I suppose this depends on the school.</p>