Chances on admissions into Virginia School!!!

<p>I'm a junior in Virginia.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.34 unweighted and 3.67 weighted
SAT: math-540, critical reading-640, writing-600
ACT: haven't taken it yet
6 honors classes and 6 AP classes by graduation next year</p>

National Honor Society
Latin Club
Co-founder of a charity club at my school
Yearbook staff member
Yearbook Copy Editor
4 years Varsity Volleyball
2 year Captain
5 years club volleyball
100+hours of community service (coaching, day cares, etc)</p>

<p>you get the gist. I'm very involved in school activities and such. My math/science grades are usually B-/B and my english/history grades are usually B/B+ so this is why my GPA is kinda low. </p>

<p>So with a good teacher/counselor recomendation and a solid essay, what are my chances of getting into the following schools?:</p>

<p>James Madison University
Virginia Tech
William and Mary
Christopher Newport University
University of Mary Washington
George Mason University</p>

<p>Thank you!!!!</p>

<p>JMU: Match
VA Tech: High match
W&M: Reach
UVA: Reach
VCU: Safety
CNU: Match
U Mary Washington: Safety
GMU: Low match</p>

<p>Agree with all above but lately V Tech has become more GPA sensitive and I would say it is more of a reach.</p>

<p>JMU: Match
VA Tech: Reach
W&M: Reach
UVA: Reach
VCU: Match
CNU: Match
U Mary Washington: Safety
GMU: Low match</p>

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