Chances on ED

<p>Please read the whole thing and answer truthfully, i take criticism. If you think ED Columbia is impossible, please also give ideas for which university i would have the biggest chances.
I am a Bulgarian and study in an american college in Bulgaria.
GPA - 5,50 / 6 (i slacked 9th and 10th grade)
SAT I - 2260 (around 750 on each section)
SAT II - Math II - 770, English lit - 750, World History - 760
AP's - Micro/Macro economics 5/5, Calculus BC - 4, Statistics - 4
I have not taken IELTS or TOEFL, but i have taken the Proficiency exam with an A.
Extracurriculars - UNICEF Bulgaria, Model United Nations, I'm the best chess player in my school with numerous victories in tournaments, i am in the table tennis, soccer and volleyball clubs in my school (my soccer team won the school tournament this year), I have also played tennis outside school ever since i was 7 + some time proffesionally.
I have participated in several competitions on economics - JA TITAN, and some bulgarian ones.
I have written an essay on the Holocaust, which was one of the nominated for the award for the B'Nai'Brith organization
I have been on summer camps in Spain - i can speak Spanish ok, and in Cambridge on an economics/management summer school.
I have two 1-month internships. 1 in the bulgarian ministry of finance, and 1 in a firm called Price Waterhouse.
Again, any advice/criticism is welcome.</p>

<p>250 reads and no answer? are my chances that low??</p>

<p>No most people are just lazy. </p>

<p>You have a chance, about average. Good luck!</p>

<p>Scores are good, extracurriculars subpar at best, considering the stats for international admits</p>

<p>somebody told me that i need to take 4 sat IIs if i am an international, is that correct??</p>

<p>and do u really mean that my ec's are bad, that was what i was hoping could set me apart xd i've heard that internships like mine could rly boost you and i'll probably get a recommendation from both places so..</p>