Chances on NYU Transfer

<p>Freshman at SUNY Plattsburgh
Fall GPA: 3.56 (5 A-'s, 1 B) - Dean's list.
ACT SCORE: in the 20's range (Like a fool, I took without studying or preparing - and I can't retake it)
Extra curriculars:
President of the poetry society
Senior Editor school news paper
senior editor school magazine
Member of Alpha Tau Delta International English Honor Society, Alpha Iota Chapter
Co-founder Peer Mediation
Key Club Member
President of Student United Nations
Participant of enviorment action commitee.
I have a GREAT Recommendations
Applying to CAS - journalism major.
Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Anybody, suggestions?
I'm considering not including my ACT score at all because it's so low - as a transfer, they said sat/act weren't mandatory I believe.</p>

<p>I'm also considering changing the class I got a 'B' into pass/fail if possible, to raise my gpa back up to a 3.7</p>