Chances on sps

<p>I'm a 9th grade home schooled student applying for 10th grade and SPS. I'm a straight A student and I am schooled with my two older brothers at a 12 grade level in everything except Math. I'm in precalc. I took the SAT and got a 1810 when I was 13 and in tenth grade and was in the 95th percentile for the SSAT. My parents are not prominent at all the only reason im able to go to a BS is because my Oma is sending me. I'm from Ohio. I dance 14 hrs a week for 8 yrs. I'm a pretty decent dancer and will continue at school. I take my dog to hospitals for canine therapy and also do canine agility with him. I am involved in the Miss America Scholarship Program as a local title holder. I'm very good at interviewing except I just interviewed last week and my interviewer was not very experienced this was her second year at SPS. any idea of my chances of being accepted???</p>

<p>I took the SAT when I was in 8th grade if I was going to public school</p>

<p>"chancing" is always chancy. I have been involved with the school for 45 years. Don't worry how long your interviewer has been there. As you may know, your application is read by several people, not one individual. The committee includes admissions staff, students and faculty. They all have equal votes. Scores and grades are only one component of the process. All they show is that you should be able to handle the academic load. They do not guarantee you will be admitted nor preclude you from admission. SPS is looking for a whole individual. One who will fit in and add to the school. If you decide that SPS is the school you want the most, then tell them that. You might also try talking to the people at the St. Paul's School thread here. Over time you will find, parents, students and fellow applicants. It is a fantastic school. Good Luck!</p>