chances OOS

<p>I live in Ca, i want to major in finance, I have 3.5 uw 3.67 w . Sat is 1810. My mother went there, so did 2 uncles and 1 aunt. 660 math 600 cr. AP US , AP Environmental, Im taking AP Stats, AP Government, and AP Microeconomics senior year. Played varsity sport last 2 years and jv the year before, club president at my school for last year and senior year. Worked at a larger home retailer over the summer with a letter of recommendation from my manager( i know, i have 2 teacher and a counselor also). Do you think my chances are good. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks</p>

<p>I think your chances are good. Apply early, get good recommendations, write a good essay, and keep your grades up.</p>

I believe the duel admission rep might still be in california. I know she was giving interviews in So. Ca. this past sunday. She might be in Northern Ca. this week. Might want to call Admissions office and find out. A meeting/interview would be further help. I think you have a good choice. They would like to have more Ca. kids at Del.</p>

<p>I live in NY and go to a college prep high school. My gpa is 3.1 I think and SAT scores are 1640. I’m taking the ACT this October and retaking the SAT on Saturday. I’m an intelligent student. I took college courses last year and continue to take AP and college this year. However, I’m not a good standardize test taker.
I am extremely well rounded. I want to major in food science and minor in advertising. My career interest is to be a Perfumist. I was invited by UDel to fill out an application for exploration day in October. If I can get in, do you think is would better my chances? I have an evaluative interview in October and met some professors already in the food science department.
I really want to go there and love the school soo soo much! Its number one on my list! My college advisor is very experienced and did say that it might be a reach. She said I’m probably not going to get scholarship money, but my resume is outstanding. </p>

<p>So what do you think? I just need some really good advice i’m freaking out already! lol</p>

<p>Luckybrunette15, I have to be honest with you and I hate to hurt your feelings, but being from New York, I think you will have an uphill battle. Do you have any other schools of interest?</p>

<p>No hard feelings! And yes, but udel is one of my favorites. I’m thinking of U Mass Amherst, Marsit, College of NJ, Penn state… what do you think I can do at this point? Just retake ACT’s and SAT’s to get higher grades? Or is my location the issue?</p>