Chances? Opinions/advice/criticism?

<p>Race: Hispanic; Puerto Rican (first generation)
Sex: Female
Average Cumulative GPA: 3.6 (weighted)
SATS- 1840 (aiming for 1900)
Essay: I talked about challenges and experiences of discrimination and struggling financial issues.
APs: Took/taking AP English, AP Lit. & Comp, AP Statistics (There are only about 4 APs offered at my school. I will be taking an AP bio class at a community college.) </p>


<p>Senior Year
• Most Valuable Player, Varsity Tennis Team
• Student Sage Scholarship Award,
• Honorable Recognition Award,
• Honors Academic Award,
• Volunteer of the Year Award, </p>

<p>Junior Year
• National Honor Society
• Most Improved Player, Varsity Tennis Team,
• Sportsmanship Award, Winter Track,
• Junior Math Award
• Honorable Recognition Award,
• Honors Academic Award (maintaining a 90+ average)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
• Core Values Award, Varsity Tennis Team
• Dedication to Service,
• Sportsmanship Award, Track and Field
• Active Participation Award,
• Honors Academic Award</p>

<p>Freshman Year
• Core Values Award, Varsity Tennis Team
• Honorary Freshman
• Social Awareness Dedication Award
• Honors Academic Award</p>


<p>• Tennis
• Track and Field
• Community Service/Outreach
• Anthropology
• Social Sciences
• Engineering
• Chess</p>


<p>Senior Year
• 2nd Singles, Varsity Tennis Team,
• Co-Captain, Varsity Tennis Team,
• Conducted fundraiser to support those affected by Hurricane Irene
o Raised $730.42 for those affected by Hurricane Irene
o Coordinated neighborhood clean-up
• Volunteer Tutor,
o Tutored underprivileged and special needs children of all different ages in all subject areas
• Volunteer, hospital
o Assisted medical staff (e.g., doctors, nurses) in different departments with administrative duties
• Volunteer, Animal Rescue Center
o Aided animals who have been abused and neglected
• Volunteer, Soup Kitchen
• Coordinated food and drives for underprivileged people
• President, Social Awareness Club,
o Conducted fundraisers and organized volunteer work around the community
o Conducted donations for non-profit organizations
• Production Director, Drama Club,
• Student Council Vice President, Student Government,
• Employee, Aeropostale </p>

<p>Junior Year
• Member, Varsity Winter Track,
o 200, 400 meter dash, 800,1500 meter run, Pole Vault
• Volunteer/Day-Camp counselor, YMCA
• Volunteer Tennis coach, Racquet Club
• Conducted campaigns for Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD),
o Promoted awareness and created fundraisers for the group
• Conducted a fundraiser for the National MS Society
o Raised $573.25 for the MS Society
• Conducted successful Toys Drive for underprivileged children
• Member, National Honor Society,
• Member, Chorus,
• Co-founder, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender () Alliance,
• Intern, Business and Marketing Office, Hospital
• Intern, Director of Catherization Laboratory, Hospital
• Student Council Vice President, Student Government,
• Conducted a fundraiser to donate hair, Locks of Love (a national non-profit organization)
• Co-founder, Multicultural Club,
• Conducted a fundraiser for earthquake victims in Japan
o Raised $1,020.40 for Japanese victims</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
• 3rd singles, Varsity Tennis Team,
• Student Council Secretary, Student Government,
• Member, Model United Nations,
• Established successful drive for earthquake victims in Haiti in 2010
• Member, Spanish Club,
• Assistant Editor, Yearbook Club,
• Artist Volunteer,
• Raised $720.32 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
• Volunteer, Cancer Unit, Medical Center
• Raised $864.55 for the American Cancer Society
• Coordinated annual school blood drive,
• Hospital Volunteer, Health Unit (, Haiti)
o Assisted medical staff and helped bring medical supplies to disadvantaged families.
o Built houses and wells in community
• Member, Varsity Spring Track and Field,
o 100, 200, 400 meter dash; 800 meter run; high jump and discus</p>

<p>Freshman Year
• 1sr Doubles, Varsity Tennis Team,
• Varsity Winter Track Team,
o 100, 200, 400 meter dash; 4x400 meter relay and discus
• Member, Production Crew,
• Member, Math Club,
• Volunteer, Alzheimer’s Unit, Nursing Home (, )
• Volunteer, Cancer Unit, Medical Center (, )
• Student Council Secretary, Student Government,
• Founder, Environmental Club,
• Teacher’s Aide,
• Volunteer Assistant Soccer Coach,
• Member, school newspaper,
• Member, Mock Trial,
• Member, Chess Team,
• Volunteer Tutor and Tennis Coach, Elementary School
o Tutored young children and assist teachers with after school activities
• Volunteer, lilbrary
o Read to underprivileged families</p>


<p>I am fluent in Spanish and English. I also have a working knowledge of the Italian, Russian, and Latin language. </p>

<p>TRAVEL </p>

<p>During the spring, I travel to poverty-ridden areas of Haiti and dedicate my time and services to underprivileged families by building homes, wells, and volunteering at a local hospital.</p>

<p>Though your extracurricular activities are impressive, your objective statistics seem very low. What's your SAT score on the 1600-point scale (math + critical reading)?</p>

<p>Cr- 700

<p>Well, as far as SAT scores go, Chicago doesn't consider the Writing section, so you've got a 1350/1600, which is about the same as a 2000/2400. So you're in the ballpark there. The GPA isn't great though, especially if it's weighted. Your extracurricular activities are pretty good. Nothing jumps out as particularly impressive, but there's certainly good breadth and depth. Also, being Hispanic and first-gen will help too. I think you've got a shot, but make sure your essays are good, as Chicago puts a lot of weight on those compared to other schools.</p>

<p>If you don't apply, you won't get in. Chancing doesn't help you, nor are the "chances" ever very accurate. You know yourself much better than we do and can more accurately judge your chances. Especially at a school that values the essay portion of the application so highly. </p>

<p>Also, chancing just sets expectations that, like I said, aren't very accurate. Just trust yourself, your application, and your admissions officer. If you belong here, then you'll get in.</p>