Chances or I'll run theory

<p>Class of '09
GPA UW: 3.5ish
GPA W: 4.3 ish</p>

<p>SAT regular: 1520/2230
SAT Superscore: 1570/2280
SAT2: 750 Bio, 760 lit 800 IIC math</p>

<p>EC: I have other stuff, but these are my "main" ones</p>

<p>VERY actively involved in national circuit LD debate; extremely dedicated to the task and its effects</p>

<p>Made a debate institute in my hometown for kids</p>

<p>Helps poor kids at a local elementary school academically</p>

<p>I'd say 50/50. Your SAT isn't very impressive but your ECs could have some merit. It depends, but at least have a shot at getting in. Good luck :)</p>

<p>gpa's worryingly low; have you talked to NU about debating for them, assuming you want to? That'll help.</p>

<p>lol @ title</p>

<p>SAT....thats pretty bad for NU. I know not everyone has the CC godlike 2400s and stuff, but 1540 is pretty low for a school like NU. You need to work on that the most. Being a debater myself, I'm naturally biased towards the activity, but the ECs will most likely pull through for you (pending a retake of the SAT). </p>

<p>4 off.</p>

<p>I think that the 1540 is the CR and Math sections only... so it would be 1540/1600 which I would say is pretty impressive...and the 2230/2400 is pretty good too!!!! I would say that you ahve a decent chance! Good Luck!</p>

<p>The GPA is not going to bowl anyone over, but everything else looks good.
What kind of year-end grades do you expect to have for your junior year? If they are very strong, your prospects should be excellent.</p>

<p>Only on CC do people say a 1520 SAT is low.</p>

<p>Seriously, I think that's plenty good for NU. Your GPA though can improve a bit.</p>

<p>what the s? 1520 low? are you joking me?</p>

<p>but i find it extremely ironic how ppl asks others to chance them, while lazily not listing their full list of ecs.</p>

<p>Yah, when I wrote the SAT, I meant 1520/1600 and 2230/2400 etc.</p>

<p>ur sat score is amazing... probably over 75% percentile of admitted students at NU. Everything is good except gpa. I'd say u have a more than average chance of getting in if ur class rank is in top 5%</p>

<p>Opps, I must not be myself, I thought it said 1540/2400. Sorry about that, never mind then thats great. I guess April 1st is getting to me.</p>

<p>lol, I'm not sure if these people are joking about that SAT or not... That's a great score for anywhere and definitely high enough for NU. Your in, no problem. Working on that GPA wouldn't hurt, though.</p>

lol, I'm not sure if these people are joking about that SAT or not...


<p>Read. We were under the impression it was out of 2400. Not my fault people can't communicate clearly.</p>

<p>Good news! The SAT is def. good enough. My former advice stands, but I'd say it's a 60/40 admit. Your GPA is still worrying but if you can bring it up, you'll be in better shape.</p>

<p>silvestris...I did read that one of you retracted your statement, but I wasn't under the impression that all of you had. I suppose it's not my fault people can't communicate clearly.</p>

<p>In any case...I think it's perfectly clear what the OP was saying, even commonplace.'s so easy to see what they meant if you just looked a little closer. You think someone is going to get a 1520 out of 2400 and get those kind of SAT2 scores? no. Also, if they were talking out of 2400, why would they write /2230 and /2280? The outof1600/outof2400 is a widespread SAT reporting practice...especially here on CC. Read.</p>



<p>As I said.</p>


<p>I know that's what the OP wrote...It's clear what they mean by it. Why would they write 1520/2230 if they meant 1520 out of 2400? Wouldn't that be 1520/2400? There is no SAT out of 2230....</p>

<p>Oh well, I'll just leave it at that. No point arguing further. OP, I think you were perfectly clear. You're looking good for NU. Work on that GPA. Good luck!</p>

<p>Miss Silvestris, you make no sense. 1520/2230 is easy to understand and as p<em>hp</em>fan said, it is commonplace to see that form on CC.</p>

<p>hey lets argue about that more</p>