Chances:P UCs and some others

<p>UCD, UCI, UCR, UCSD, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Univ of Puget Sound.</p>

<p>UC GPA: 4.04
UW GPA:3.61
W GPA: 3.93</p>

<p>SAT: 1920
SAT II: US Hist-730, Chem-610</p>

<p>APs-Euopean hist-3, APUSH 5, environmental science 5</p>

<p>Took physics during summer 2010 at a community college</p>

<p>senior year courses
AP Stats
eng 4
Film as Literature(UC approved)
Aiding for APES teacher</p>

<p>Will have 4 yrs of swimming and water polo, captain next year for polo.
2 yrs of basketball.</p>

<p>Work part time since june 2010
Volunteer as a docent at a zoo weekly</p>