Chances...please be honest

<p>SAT I 800M 630 V 600W</p>

<p>ACT 34- 35M, 34 E, 31 R, 36 S</p>

<p>SATII 800 physics, 780 Math II, 750 Biology M</p>

<p>GPA 3.6uw lots of B's my freshman and soph year</p>

<p>Taken all the aps my school has to offer (7)</p>

<p>Great Teacher recs
Will have good to excellent essays</p>

<p>Mediocre EC's Main ones are below</p>

<p>4 years football, 2 years varsity Team, team also weightlifts all year for 2 hours a night/ 4 days a week
1 year basketball
2 years UN ( 1st/2nd place Wolrd Problem solving Essay)
2 years JETS (as a JV team we palced 2nd out of all the teams and i think honestly only 1 other person beside me knew what they were doing)
3 years FPS (future problme solvers)
4 years Chess (number 1 spot all 4 years, play seriously)
2 years of key club and dare just did fundraisers
Do community service with my dads company and run concession stands at my brothers baseball games</p>

<p>As everyone has always said, your essays are a huge factor in admissions at Chicago. You grades and SATs are good enough and competitive with many other applicants who have been accepted EA on the CC forums and your extracurriculars show that you are dedicated to a few things in high school. Thus, it all boils down to if your essay is interesting or "quirky" enough for the adcom's liking.</p>

<p>hey SISIS... pretty funny... ur stats are quite similar to mine
And I say this.. If you dont try, you can never be admitted. Go for it</p>