Chances please!! CC to Cornell, Vandy, Amherst, and a few others

<p>I am trying to transfer from my community college to Cornell, Vanderbilt, Amherst, SMU, UT Dallas, TCU, Wake Forest or Johns Hopkins. What are my chances and which schools would be far reach but possibly attainable / reach / safe? Applications are due soon and I need advice on where to apply! If you can suggest anywhere, I am very open-minded. :)</p>

<p>Current CC GPA: 3.4
Courses Taken: Intro to Computer Science, Precalculus, Calc I, General Chem I, General Chem II, Eng 101, Eng 102, Intro to Logic, General Psychology
Major: Chemistry (I want to go into a pre-med program)
High School: Took GED; scored 3150/4000, was listed as scoring higher than students who were in the top 10% of their hs, according to a website my score would equal to a 3.6 gpa
Extracurriculars: Assistant manager, leading volunteer for senate campaign, instructed lessons for beginners at a horse farm, volunteer at local hospital, top five competitor for horse association, held bible studies and prayer groups, did fundraising for a horse association
SATs: Took them on Jan 28th.. my scores were supposed to be posted today, but they're not on. I have to check back next week.
Essay: I am a very strong essay writer</p>

<p>Thank you!! I would appreciate any feedback. I haven't had any answers to my previous posts. :(</p>