Chances please! easy.

<p>Lehigh is my dream school--they have a gorgeous campus and a great engineering program. I plan on applying early there...last year 65% of early applicants were admitted! thanks. </p>

<p>GPA unweighted 3.5
GPA weighted 4.75
SAT 2160, 1430 M 770 CR 660 W 730
SATII US History 690 MathII - 750+
Total of 11 honors out of a possible 15, 4 APs (3 to be taken senior year)
Very competitive school, #52 of 459 public schools in NJ
top 30% in class of 580
3 honors math 2 AP math...770 sat math (may help me out for engineering school?)</p>

3 years varsity hockey
Key Club (11-12) - 100+ hours
Class Council participation
Spanish National Honor Society (10-12)
Science National Honor Society (11-12)
National Honor Society (11-12) - Treasurer
2.5 years of work at Dairy Queen
Can get a GREAT rec from boss
Great Guidance rec
Good teacher rec.</p>

<p>Thank you guys!!</p>