Chances? Please, evaluate!

<p>Hey, would you please evaluate my chances of getting accepted at NW with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. I'm an international:
SAT I: 1430 (V700, M730) -> retaken in October, hope I will score about 1470 - 1500
SAT IIs: Writing 720, Math Ic 700, German 780
TOEFL: 287 (out of 300); Essay: 6.00
GPA: 5.98 out of 6.00
Rank: 2 out of 120
Leadership ECs and community work
good essays and recs</p>

Your chances of getting into NU are decent, but by no means are you a sure thing. Getting in as an international is harder than as a US student. I'm assuming your native language is german, correct? An SAT II score in a native language (for example, a student from Korea making an 800 on SAT II Korean) doesn't count for all that much in any college admission. AdComs know you can speak your native language - they don't need a test to tell them. Can you apply ED as an international? If you can, I would highly recommend it because you would have a much better chance of gaining admission than you would RD. As for the full scholarship part: I haven't yet encountered ANYONE at NU that has gotten anything close to a full scholarship - let alone an international. As far as I know, it is nearly impossible for internationals to get any aid since NU doesn't offer any merit-based scholarships and much of the money that they do offer is federally-based loans and grants (only available to US citizens). However, don't let this stop you from applying. I think you have a decent chance (probably 50%) of getting in RD, and ED would greatly increase that number. Good luck!</p>

<p>Hi, thank you very much for your opinion :) I really appreciate it.
German is not my native language, my native language is Bulgarian but I study English, German and Spanish.
It is my mistake that I said Full scholarship, sorry. I checked and saw that it is financial aid to internationals they offer, not scholarships. Yet, those financial aid packages cover all the expenses.
Anyway, NW is one of my reaches but I love it and still hope I stand a decent chance.</p>

<p>Thank you again :)</p>

<p>mirela - this article was in The Daily today. It's about aid for internationals. You might want to check it out.
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