Chances.. PLEASE HELP!

I need major help guys! Honestly freaking out! please let me know if I have any chance of getting into a top 50 college mainly NYU. NYU is my dream school. I’m an international student studying the A-Level curriculum.
→ I have a 4.0/4.0 UW GPA
→ I come #35 out of 950 students at my high school
→ Have taken the SAT twice got a 1220 then a 1360. Both scores are terrible. The second score was heavily impacted due to Covid. Please let me know If I should submit these or not.
→ Predicted 3A* at A-Level (Mathematics, Econ, Business)
→ Wasn’t allowed to partake in extracurriculars due to some reasons but tries my best to pursue those things which I’m interested in. I know they are extremely unorthodox and probably have no weightage in the eyes of the admissions officers.

  1. Started my own Charity (Unofficial- Doesn’t have a name and isn’t registered yet)
  2. Became a self-taught forex and stocks trader and also teach trading- to help my father financially and to pay for the charity.
  3. took care of my grandparents on a regular basis.
  4. tutored my younger cousin
  5. was the captain of 3 business competitions
  6. Am an unofficial fitness trainer and nutritionist
  7. Am a micro Instagram influencer- make my own content/earn some money too.
  8. Miscellaneous activities/hobbies- participated in a couple of badminton tournaments at my club, frequently paint/draw, etc
    → I also faced certain extenuating circumstances because of which I got mediocre O-Level results and because of which I was also not allowed to participate in ECAs.

Please let me know if I have any chance at a top college (60+) but specifically NYU.


Whether or not you need financial aid is almost more important than your specific accomplishments. The vast majority of colleges are need aware, which means they look at your ability to pay as they are making admission decisions. Several schools also determine “need” using their own calculations and what your family wants to pay doesn’t matter. NYU in particular does not meet 100% of need and have a reputation for being very stingy with financial aid for domestic students and there is less money and more competition for internationals.

Of the other schools you mention, Harvard has had a huge increase in the number of applications as have almost all of the “elite” schools. Predicting outcomes was really hard before but now it is impossible.

I will be needing aid. my parents can contribute $15-20k max. However, Irrespective of my ability to pay what do you think my chances are. My grades have been in an uptrend, but I think my ECAs hold no meaning whatsoever. Please do let me know.

NYU is notoriously stingy with aid. An unaffordable admission is like a rejection. Focus on schools you can afford.