Chances...please help

<p>Live in NY and go to public school that doesnt rank students. currently a junior
GPA:4.0 and dont know weighted
720 chem SAT2 720 bio SAT2...plan on taking Math 1 or 2 also
plan on taking ACT
1350 out of 1600 SAT1 (definately plan on taking them over and hope to get a 1450-1500)
IB diploma candidate-taking the hardest classes available
Good Deeds Award
Started clothing Drive
Volunteer at recreation class for young children every week
SADD club
SHOP club (students helping older people)
Over summer interned at radio station (no pay)
work at local newspaper durring summers (9,10,11,and most likely 12)
Counselor every summer since going into 9th
volunteer at local hospital
part of the adopt a holocaust survivor program
charity walks/ food drives
Language emersion summer program for a month in spain
jv lax 9th and 10th grade- school is ranked about 10th in country at lax
varsity wrestling 11th and most likely 12th
varsity tennis 11th and most likely 12th
probably forgeting a couple of things
father went to Georgetown law and uncle went to Georgetown undergrad as well as law</p>

<p>I really want to go to Georgetown. Other schools I'm interested in are USC (california), UVA, University of Michigan, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Upenn.
I also might apply to Harvard becasue my brother is currently attending. Is that a waste of time to apply there?
Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated (good or bad) as well as other college recommendations</p>

<p>Apply to Harvard because there is no reason not too (especially if your bro goes there and is doing well)
Georgetown is a match
USC is amatch
UVA is a match
U Michigan is a match
Duke is a match
Vanderbilt is a match
UPENN is a reach</p>

<p>apply to all the schools because you defintiely have chances</p>

<p>georgetown, duke and uva (OOS) are reaches, not matches.</p>

<p>your recs look good... but i cant find a passion</p>

<p>but i think with a 4.0 and a little higher SAT ur set at Georgetown</p>

<p>any other thoughts? Also 3 other students from my school all of whom have great grades plan on applying to Georgetown as well. One is guaranteed to get in, one I probably have a better chance than and one is about equal to me. Does this mean that my chances of being accepted will be less?</p>