Chances please! Junior(:

<p>Hi there!
Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Female, Hispanic, New York, Catholic School, top 10% class rank (but it doesn't get reported to schools)
SAT: Have yet to take it, aiming for 2100+
SATII: World History 610, Spanish 590, MathI (awaiting score next week)
I know, these are low, World isn't too bad but I have seen people get in to top tier schooles with scores even lower!
ACT: Not yet
GPA: 94/100 (Not on a 4.0 scale, but if I convert it, it is 3.9 approx.), Grades are mostly A's with a few B's.</p>

<p>AP's: Sophomore year: World History (5), Junior year current: APUSH, AP English Language, Senior Year: AP Physics, AP Calc AB, AP English Literature</p>

<p>EC's/Community Service:
Varsity Bowling (10, 11) Most likely captain next year, only seniors are captains. Had to stop travel soccer for a broken knee :/
Habitat for Humanity
Monthly Outreach program (have participated in various volunteer services)
Model UN (10, 11)
National Honor Society (11)
Helped start a spanish club this year with a few friends
Tutoring, Babysitting quite often
Girl Scouts (10)
Bowling Coach for kids
Few more</p>

<p>Strengths: Strong rigor of classes, volunteer, URM, have the perfect essay topics
Weaknesses: Low GPA and SATII's</p>

<p>What are my chances for the following school?
Dreams: UPenn, UVA (I have seen stats from this years accepted students with not overly fantastic stats) I also plan to apply ED for UPenn for that extra chance.</p>

<p>NYU (legacy)
St. Joseph's
Boston U</p>