Chances Please...weird high school record

<p>Could you guys please give me some help on what my chances might be for getting into Cornell (college of Engineering)?
My high school record is kind of odd. I definitely had an upward trend...</p>

Freshman- 2.2 (whoops)
Sophomore- 4.0 ( switched to Military )
Junior- 3.94 (switched to new School again Junior Year)
Senior 1st Trimester- 3.95</p>

<p>Is my Freshman Year just going to kill my Chances?
Senior first trimester grades were really strong. 5 A's and 1 A- with 3 AP, 2 Honors, 1 reg
Also I only took one Honors Course my Sophomore Year and none my Junior Year.</p>

<p>My school doesn't rank but Junior Year I was probably top 15 (out of 110 kids) </p>

<p>SAT (super score)</p>

<p>Math 700
CR 750
Writing 680</p>

<p>total 2130</p>

Nothing super outstanding but probably average.
I Don't really want to list everything. </p>

<p>Common app essay is about the Military School and how that changed me.</p>

<p>I know that its a far reach but if you guys could give me your thoughts just to help me get an idea of my chances it would be appreciated. </p>

<p>I haven't applied yet because I wasn't sure that I had any hope at getting in.</p>

<p>I'm not positive -- but common sense says that given 2 1/2 years of excellent grades, the freshman year should be viewed as an aberration. While it's not a plus obviously, I don't think it's a killer.</p>

<p>My bigger concern is the strength of schedule, prior to Senior year. One honor in the two years combined is less than we see here for most successful candidates.</p>

<p>So -- Yes, it's probably a reach, but worth an application.</p>