Chances please; will chance back

<p>South Asian female from Canada
Grade 11</p>

<p>GPA: my average is somewhere in the mid-low 90s right now; we're supposed to get a progress report later this month so I will update </p>

<p>SAT I: have not written yet... 2200 was the avg of my practice tests </p>

- library volunteer (9); children's section stuff, organized an art show, tutoring, etc
- teach a language class at my place of worship (9-11) + organized a coat drive and can drive there
- part of a regional youth leadership committee for a cancer organization; youth representative on regional committee; founded a club at school; organize several events for promotion/awareness/fundraising among youth (10-11)
- organized & ran a book drive for students in Uganda (11)
- DECA (11); qualified for provincials but could not attend
- community service club officer (10-11); organize events in the school for world issues
- science club (10-11); 1st/2nd place in several events
- hospital volunteer (10-11) 100+ hours --> patient care, etc
- mentorship program for h.s. students interested in medical field (10)
- band (9,10) --> self-taught piano, trumpet, tenor sax player
- public speaking (9-11); 2nd place in regional symposium... hoping for 1st this year lol
- diversity night (9-11); leader for South Asian section
- co-founder of a local youth chapter of an international UN-affiliated humanitarian aid organization </p>

<p>Please chance for: Columbia, UPenn, Georgetown, WashU, Hopkins, UCLA, Berkeley </p>

Just wondering, would this get me into Shad Valley? Because I got waitlisted. :(</p>


<p>you may be able to get in you have decent chances, columbia might be your best bet. </p>

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<p>I agree with jgolf3. Out of those, Columbia is your best chance. Although, you do have a shot at all of those colleges. Good luck, girl! Below I've included a link to my thread and I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a response there.</p>

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