chances please?

<p>African American Male
Unweighted GPA: 3.4 (my school doesn't weight GPA)
SAT Composite: 2180
CR- 740
M- 650
Subject Tests: US History and English. Haven't gotten results yet, but they should be in the mid-700's.
My school doesn't offer AP's because it is an Early College school. I earn college credits and graduate with an Associate's Degree. Theoretically, I could apply as a transfer (but I won't). School is considered quite difficult. For what it's worth, President Obama mentioned it as a model high school in his NAACP speech last year.
Extra Curricular:
Drama Club since freshman year (2008), VP starting last semester.
School Newspaper (1 year)
BSTAND (another club which organizes student events)[club only started this semester]
Math Tutor for middle schoolers
Reading/Writing tutor for elementary schoolers
Interned for 1 summer at (youth community service company)
Interned for 1 summer at Partisan Pictures (film company)
Overseas volunteer for 2 summers with Volunteers for Peace
Neighborhood Babysitter since 2008
Currently waiting to get a job from the New York City youth employment lottery</p>

<p>Also, don't know if Vandy cares about legacy or anything like that, but my dad went to Vanderbilt law school</p>