Chances please!

<p>Applying to University of Florida, Johns Hopkins, and UNC</p>

- SAT: 690 Math, 670 Writing, 620 Reading = 1980
- SAT IIs: 680 US history, 650 Chemistry
-APs: Macro and Micro online, World History, United States History, Psychology, Physics B, Chemistry, Human Geography, Biology, Physics C, Calculus AB, Government
GPA: 3.65 UW, 4.81 W ( out of 6 )
-rank: 58/749</p>


<p>Essays - Good/Average
ECs: Varsity Tennis for 4 years straight, also played and traveled outside of school to national and state tournaments. Participating in numerous clubs such as Mu alpha theta, Science, and National honor society. Placed at Italian competitions. Skipped Pre calc to go straight to calculus and still recieving A's. Around 450 Community Service hours. Participating in Science bowl and Physics bowl this year. Showed large improvement since freshman year which apparently colleges like.</p>

State - Florida
school - Public, 3500 students
ehtnicity - White
Gender - Male</p>

<p>I am sorry I really dont know how hard UF is to get into instate. I think you have a pretty good shot at Hopkins. UNC is a reach though with the SAT. if there is any way to bring it up…I’d try and do that. Chance back please.
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<p>I’m not sure about University of Florida, but your SAT and GPA are way too low to get accepted into JHU and UNC</p>

<p>going to move up to about 4.86 GPA at end of semester and will jump a good 10 rankings or so*</p>

<p>Florida-Yep! you will probs get in…
John Hopkins and UNC-those are gonna be mega reaches</p>

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