Chances please?!?!

New York catholic school
92 gpa
1200/1600 1760/2400
2 AP classes</p>

<p>4 year varsity lax
National honor Society
Tons of community service
English honor society
Unique essay (had brain surgery and missed half of school year)</p>

<p>Delaware is my number 1 choice so Please be honest</p>

<p>You are in the range. I would suggest visiting the school, and having an interview. It will give you an opportunity to market yourself. You are applying from a state with many applicants, and you appear to be in the middle of the pool. Good Luck...</p>

<p>I think that you will probably get into udel because you have such a unique essay. When I went to open houses and talked to people from the school, they said that they really look at your essay in the admissions process, and since yours is so different and personal, I think you have a pretty good chance. Your SAT isn't exactly the average but its the mean of all SATs of accepted students, so there are some kids with SATs lower than 1760 that got in! Then again, it all depends on what major you are trying to apply for, since they all have different requirements. Good luck :)</p>