Chances Please

<p>Chances Please </p>


<p>School: public with 300 kids in my grade
GPA : 3.52 unweighted
3.75 weighted
Class rank: none
activites: math, knowledge bowl, jv football, summer baseball team, winter hockey league, chess team, science olympiad, and tutoring.
ACT: 28
Best in each section based off of 2 Act's
Math-36, Science-31, Reading-24, Grammar-26
so my composite would be 29
I am also going to retake it in september for my third and last time. I have a private tutor now to help me, and I know that I will improve because I am improving on practice tests.
Sat 2's- Math-800, Bio-650
Awards- Quiz Bowl Nationals and PAC
Baseball team- first in regionals
Science O- first in state for 2 events, and 2nd in state for 1 event, 1st in regionals in 1, and 2nd in regionals for 1. </p>

<p>Volunteering for about 20 hours at library. I'm not sure if tutoring counts for this, but if it does, an extra 100 hours.</p>

<p>I have a total of 2 ap's sophomore year, 5 junior year, and i signed up for 3 senior year. The rest of my classes are mainly honors or required classes. Maybe 1 or 2 electives my freshman year. Otherwise, my course load is very rigorous. Mainly A's in math, a couple of A-'s, 1 B+, and 2 B's in AP Calc AB. I redeemed myself and got 2 A's in Ap Calc BC. So, pretty much i'm a math guy. I also have a 115 on the AMC 12. I got a 3 on the AIME, which is horrible, i know. </p>

<p>I got a 4 in Calc BC with a 4 subscore for AB, a 3 in geography, a 3 in euro, and a 3 in us history. They aren't that great of scores.</p>

<p>Oh ya, i am from out of state also. If you need anything else, please ask.</p>

<p>I don't know, but I'm in your same situation (no rank).</p>

<p>God Bless, and Good Luck!</p>

<p>thanks for the help.</p>

<p>can anbody else help?</p>


<p>no rank hurts. UT admissions is practically a system now where they put all 10%ers in the accepted file and all non 10%ers in state in the rejected file.</p>

<p>Really? Can't they just use a system to rank me based on gpa? Otherwise that is really unfair.</p>

<p>Vyse, do you have proof of that procedure?</p>

<p>If not, I'll advise you to stop spreading false information.</p>

<p>ya, where did you come up with that. That is a very unfair systema and I highly doubt that they would do that.</p>

<p>a little late but Vyse, you need to stop spreading false information. </p>

<p>The only reason why UT Austin excepts mostly the top 10% is because they are REQUIRED too (for those of you who are not familier with the texas act that requires all texas public universities to accept top 10% of every high school regardless of everything else.)</p>

<p>They HATE doing that because, let's admit it, a lot of High Schools out there are a complete joke. Any person can transfer there and become top 10% easy. </p>

<p>As for some schools, they're really competitive and it is harder to become top 10%, naturally. </p>

<p>For instance:</p>

<p>One school, the valedictorian has a 4.0 (weighted, on a 5 point scale), yes, if he/she applies to UT Austin, they will get in because they're top 10% of THEIR high school. </p>

<p>Another school, the valedictorian has a 4.7 (my school does) also on a weighted, 5 point scale. One girl in that school has a 4.2 but is NOT in the top 10% at her school. She will not automatically be accepted, but there is a chance. </p>

<p>You see how unfair it is? Of course, this is just an example where (to make it easier to get my point across) both of the students have equal amounts of extra curricular activities etc. but because one girl is the top from a 'academically lower' high school and the other is from a 'higher challenged hs', their rank would matter. </p>

<p>I admit that the act makes it totally unfair, but what can you do? Texas is trying to keep it's residents instate and i guess this is one of the reasons why.</p>

<p>My daughter attended a high school in freshman year that did not rank students. What they did do, however was indicate where you were in the class on a percentage (5%, 10%, 50% etc). Ask your school if they will indicate this on the transcript. Otherwise I would have your GC write a letter to UT adm comm as to your standing in the class.</p>

<p>The 10% rule applies to instate students, not sure if it does to OOS. The law is that state universities guarantee admission to top 10% to a school in the state university system (no guarantee that it will be Austin). I don't know what they do for OOS.</p>

<p>Because of the Texas Top 10% Law, class rank is a major factor in admission decisions. However, applicants from high schools that don’t officially rank their students can still be considered for admission. </p>

<p>To help us make decisions about students from non-ranking schools, we ask counselors to send us information about their school’s grading system, the size of their graduating class, coursework required for graduation and other information. Admission decisions are made based on this information along with the same factors used to make decisions for non-top 10% graduates.</p>

<p>That's straight from the UT website about students with no ranking~~
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You guys/gals are so helpful. </p>

<p>Here's my problem, I won't have a rank until Jan, so I'm going to apply Oct 1st, and have my guidance counselor send a letter indicating my work habit while intertwining(is that a word, lol) my rank.</p>