chances please ?

<p>I hope someone can give me a straight up honest opinion. I've been looking at collegeboard and some college profile books lately, and it says that JHU's avg freshman gpa in high school was like 3.7ish... so i was hoping if you guys could, give me an opinion on how i'd do w/ the admissions people. </p>

<p>Asian Male - Bio Chem major?
GPA: 3.7 (my weakest area...but the area that counts the most ?)
SAT I's:
750 math
690 writing
670 reading</p>

<p>SAT II's:
760 chem
730 bio
740 math IIc</p>

<p>Frosh schedule:
Honors Bio
Honors Geometry
Honors English
Honors Spanish5-6 (3rd year Spanish)
Frosh PE</p>

<p>Summer between Frosh and Soph:
Honors Algebra 3-4</p>

<p>Sophomore schedule:
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Chemistry
Honors Humanities
AP European Civilization (3)
AP Spanish (2)
Basketball PE</p>

<p>Junior Schedule:
AP Chem (5)
AP Bio (5)
AP Calc AB (5)
AP US history (2)
American Lit.</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
AP Calc BC
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Government
Intro to Computers
World Lit.</p>

Peer Counseling (12)
Key Club (9-12)
Senior Class Council Publicity Committee (12)
Kiwin's Club (11-12)
Church Youth Leader Small Group (10-11)
San Diego Youth Symphony (9-12)
San Diego Philharmonia (11-12)
Conducting Classes (9-10)
Church Orchestra (9-12) [assistant conductor]</p>

<p>Random Things I did:
National Student Leadership Conference: Medcine and Health Care
Neuroscience Convention </p>

<p>Specific Volunteering:
School Library
Church Mission Trip
Church Vacation Bible School</p>

<p>please don't put faith in collegeguide books. for what it's worth, fiske's is a piece of crap. they still have the JHU ED deadline wrong and give IMO a completely distorted view of hopkins.
otherwise i think your chances are good.
put a lot of work into those essays!</p>