Chances, please?

<p>Hi guys-
I would really appreciate some chancing…</p>

<p>-I am a Hispanic female; first generation American
-GPA: 96/100 (4.0/4.0 uw GPA) (our school has a good rep)
-I received a 1400/1600 and 2130/2400 on my SATs I
-I received a 790 on Spanish SAT2s and a 690 on Math SAT2s(around 80th percentile for math)
-E.C.s: -co-founder/co-organizer of Spanish Club
-co-founder/secretary of Art Club
-New York State Art Teachers Association portfolio project highest distinction for two years
-Spanish tutoring in school
-Teaching Spanish to elementary school students
-Working with psychologist for two months running group for autistic children
-200+ hours of community service (all related to working with children in community)
-..NHS, mock trial, journalist..
-will have taken six APs by time of high school graduation *
-essay- about cousin who was killed by suicide bomber when I was thirteen- how this tragedy forced me to realize and deal with the fragility of life and my own weaknesses</p>

<p>*(Senior Course Load and Grades after First Semester)
AP Calculus= 96
AP Statistics= 95
AP English Literature= 94
Economics= 98

<p>hi i had lesser SAT scores and but was ranked 3rd in my class of 360. My father is Guatemalan and I was accepted. I am also going their for soccer but I dont know how much that affected the decision. Good luck if you have any questions I live 40 minutes from Vassar and the area pretty well.</p>