chances please.

<p>My average is around a 88..89. I'm not really sure but around there.
My high school does not rank.
Asian (Chinese) female interested in studying computer science. (CAS?)
junior @ Stuyvesant High School</p>

<p>8th grade courses that had H.S. credit: Earth science and French Level I</p>

<p>Classes I took:
9th grade: (two terms unless noted)
Math A
Beginner Band (violin)
Phys Ed (2nd term, I had a fencing selective which was reaaally cool :D)
World History
French Level II</p>

<p>10th grade: (two terms unless noted)
Math A/B
Phys Ed
World History
French Level III
Japanese Level I
Drafting (1 term)
Intro Computer Science (1 term)

<p>11th grade: (two terms unless noted)
English (American Lit)
US History
Phys Ed
A.P. Computer Science
French Level IV (we don't have a French AP language course but a French AP literature course which comes after this)
Japanese Level II
Math B
Computer Technology (1 term)
Health (1 term)</p>

<p>my SAT scores were pretty bad IMO:
670 Math
680 Verbal
630 Writing
total: 1980/2400 ugh.</p>

<p>I will retake in October.
World History SAT II: 680</p>

<p>Planning to take SAT II Lit and SAT II Physics in June.</p>

Key Club --- member '04-'05, web committee head from '05-'06 (I design the school keyclub & divisional website with my co-head)
Science Olympiad --- '02-'05 Team member, won one regional gold && one regional bronze && one state fourth '03, one regional silver '04
Junior SING! '05--- Costume crew (SING! is a theater competition between Junior, Senior and Soph Frosh and we have dance crews which include latin dance, hip hop, tap, belly dancing etc etc..with tech crew, lighting crew and costume crew etc etc)
Morgan Stanley Mentoring Program --- mentoree '04-'05 (I spend time with my mentor who works for Morgan Stanley and see what they do etc.)
Comp Sci Project --- A project I'm going to work on with a group which will computerize the Programming Corrections system that the students/programming office have to do every term. Will be written in Python.
PottyRings(it's more of a fun thing rather than a scholarly thing) --- Treasurer</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump</p>

<p>You gotta increase SATs. Your gpa should be ifne since your in stuyv (unless they have massive grade inflation, im not sure), your EC's and such are fine.</p>