chances please...

<p>Hey guys my post is kinda long, id appreciate it if u took the time to read it.
I im a junior I wanna apply for one of those medical programs that combine undergraduate studies and medical school...maybe penn, um, northwestern, brown, rochester. And if I cant get in I wanna study pre-med at penn, northwestern, or some other ivy. Please recommend me some colleges that I may want to take a look at since im foreging and im not very familiar with this process.</p>

<p>Im am a hispanic student that arrived from Venezuela in 9th grade with basic english skills. I am fluent in Spanish and can communicate in Hebrew and French.</p>

<p>Sat-Not taken, probably in the 1350's
SAT II - World History 680 (taken as a sophmore w/o taking AP)
Will take SAT II's in writing, american history, and bio or math. Should get all in the 700's</p>

<p>9th grade:
Straight A's in all my classes, but I was in all regulars because it was my first year.</p>

<p>10th grade: all A's except a B in world history. All honors this year(I took the sat II to prove that I knew the material).</p>

<p>11th grade: English AP, Bio AP, American History AP, PHysics Honors, Precalc Honors, and french honors.</p>

<p>12th Grade: predicted schedule - Physics C AP, Calculus AP, Spanish Lit AP, American Government AP, English Lit AP, and Psychology AP.</p>

<p>AS you can see I have been improving all through high school and I managed to get into english AP in my third year in the states. Do you think they will appreciate that?</p>

Internations Affairs Club
Premed club - secretary in 11th
Member of the National Forensics league
Over 250 community service hours and actually volunteering at a local hospital
Mu Alpha Teta - Vice president in 11th
*National Honor Society and French Honor Society during 10th grade but I got dismissed. Do you think I can still put that in my college application? will I have to say that i was dismissed from them? Please tell me this since I am very nervious about it.</p>

JV soccer captain in 9th grade
Varsity 10th and 11th, hopefully captain in 12th
Played with travel soccer team with which i went to state cups and was finalist of the south florida first division.</p>

<p>Well this is the end, I will greatly appreciate all the feedback that you can give me and if u got any suggestions for things i can do too. Thank You very much</p>

<p>come on guys i really need some feedback...</p>

<p>You probably have a good chance in getting into Rochester</p>

<p>1350 is low for straight medical programs, they are very competitive. You have a good shot at Rochester and GWU. Consider pre-med at Johns Hopkins. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks to all who replied...any other feedback that you can give me?...and to anyone that knows...if i was dismissed from NSH and french honors society in 10th grade?...can i still put that in the honors society w/o saying that i was dismissed or do they ask about that?...thanks</p>


<p>bump bump...</p>

<p>UW is excellent med school and could be a match for you. Might look into that.</p>

<p>UW as in University of Washington... in Seattle, WA</p>

<p>thanks...any other comments?</p>