Chances please?

3.621 / 5
Weighted GPA
3.759 / 5
ACT: Havent gotten back yet im assuming about 28 since thats what I got on practice test.</p>

<p>Those GPA's are current. Im almost at the end of my junior year, and am getting 4 A's, one B, and one C. Once those go into my GPA im hoping it will raise it. My class rank is about 309/590 I think. Again im hoping these grades will raise them. </p>

Iowa State

<p>All of the above are for the general studies program, or whatever program they have that is the easiest to get into. I really wanna get into UIUC since my friend is gonna go there to (im assuming hes gonna get in because hes got a 33 act)</p>

<p>2 years work experience (not just summers, but throughout the school year to)
Freshman JV tennis
ski/snowboard club
all reg classes, one AP senior year</p>

<p>Quick question. If I apply to UIUC engineering, will they automatically consider me for the general studies department? My essay is all about engineering, and if I apply directly to the general studies, then the essay would have to be re-written.</p>

<p>bump. please anyones opinions are welcome</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I don't know that much about UIUC's engineering program, but I do know a boy who goes there (is an engineering major) and had similar stats to yours. I'm pretty sure you'll get into Iowa State and IIT; Purdue is probably a low reach but I think you can do it.</p>

<p>I actually just got my ACT back, got a 27.</p>