Chances please!

<p>My schools that I'm planning to apply to:
Kenyon College (going to apply ED)
Connecticut College
Skidmore College
St. Lawrence University
Ithaca College
Trinity College
UMass Amherst</p>

<p>I am a rising senior and my GPA is 3.4 but I plan on bringing it up this year. I am in the top 25% of my class and hopefully will bring it up.</p>

<p>SAT: 1770 CR: 570 Math: 630 Writing: 570
Retaking in October
SATIIs: US History: 710 Math 1: 590 (might retake, I don't know if it is worth it.)
ACT: My results didn't come back yet :/</p>

(all of these years i have taken one quarter of gym and one quarter of health)</p>

<p>9th grade:
Band, honors french 2, honors algebra 2, honors world history 1 and 2, honors english, honors physical science
ECs: eco club, history club</p>

<p>10th grade:
band, honors biology, honors world history 3/ civics (one semester each), honors geometry, honors french 3, honors english 10, intro to tech ed (required credit in my school)
clubs: eco club</p>

<p>11th grade:
band, art 1 and 2 (one semester each), shakespeare and war in literature (both honors and one semester each), honors chemistry, AP U.S. history (patiently awaiting my results), honors sociology (one semester), honors trigonomery
clubs: eco club, history club, world language club, part time job, volunteer work, Tri-M music honor society</p>

<p>Next year I am taking:
band, AP english, AP statistics, AP physics, honors philosophy, honors painting/advanced painting
ECs: eco club vice president, history club, world language club, National Art Honor Society, Tri-M music honor society, more volunteer work, part time job</p>

<p>Overall I will probably have around 60-100 hours of community service by the end of my senior year.</p>