chances, por favor

<p>Hi everyone! Is NYU a reach, match, or safety school for me with these credentials?</p>

<h1>1 public school in PA</h1>

<p>UW GPA: 3.97/4.00 W GPA: 4.72/4.75</p>

<p>SAT 1: CR 690 Math 630 Wr 740 Total: 2060
SAT 2: Math 2 650 USH 650</p>

Lacrosse- 4 years, Captain, 3 year starter
Field Hockey- 3 years, starter 2 years
Kids Helping Kids Club- 3 years, Ambassador, Dominican Republic service trip, 200+ hours
German Club- Treasurer
German American Partnership Program- Ambassador
National Honor Society- probate
Leadership Academy</p>

Fresh/Soph: all honors
Junior: all honors + IB English and IB German
Senior: AP Econ, (macro and micro) AP Psych, AP Enviro Sci, IB English, IB German, Calculus</p>

<p>Pretty much it. I love NYU, and would like to know if I should consider it reach, match, or safety. (genereally reach or match, because I don't think NYU can ever really be a safety ha)</p>

<p>From what I’ve read and the little information you gave me…I would say you have a good chance.</p>

<p>I’d say it’s a match. Your SAT’s are a bit low, but I’d say with your gpa and EC’s, it’d be a match. (:</p>