Chances, por favor?

<p>I've made a couple threads before, but now that UC-Irvine is releasing their first wave of decision, I just wanted some final opinions </p>

<p>UW 10/11th GPA: 3.21
UC GPA: 3.55
Fully Weighted GPA: 4.01
VERY competitive HS, so my class rank is around top 35% :|</p>

<p>SAT: 2160
ACT: 32</p>

<p>IB/AP: All IB classes; IB diploma candidate; MYP certificate</p>

-No real leadership positions, but a member of a few fundraising clubs (Key Club, Cancer, etc)
-3 year varsity speech and debate (some accolades)
-JV basketball
-fall play
-Also talked in my "Additional Comments" about a few activities that I dropped right before HS for various reasons
- 100+ hours community service</p>

<p>Pretty decent/average essays, IMO.</p>

<p>So... what do you guys think? I'm obviously not a prime candidate but could my SAT/rigor/IB offset my lack of a good GPA? Any opinions are appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>bump it up please! Lots of views but no responses :( haha</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I believe the UC's tend to weigh GPA more heavily than test scores. Top 35% isn't exactly going to make you that competitive either, I'm afraid. 100 service hours is also pretty standard. Did you get into UCR this week by any chance?</p>

<p>Redeeming points are that your scores are indeed very high, and having all those IB classes definitely helps. If I were you, I'd still remain hopeful, but I wouldn't be surprised by a rejection either. I hope your essays were really good because it'll probably come down to that IMO. </p>

<p>Somehow, I imagine that you'll be making a couple of waitlists. It'll probably be super competitive at the mid-tier UC's this year due to the sheer increase in applicants, and UCI is one of the more popular campuses. If you get rejected, it's not really a problem with you, it's just that they don't have enough room. Who knows, maybe you'll be accepted next week! I really hope you make it. Good luck.</p>

<p>Has anyone received a recent acceptance? Most people say that they are releasing them daily but anyone I knew that got accepted was accepted on the first of this month. Or are the next acceptances gonna come out in a couple of weeks or the beginning of march since my stats are jjust average (4.2 GPA and 1850 SAT)</p>

I think you scores give and ECs give you around decent chance of acceptance but dont expect to be a shoo in because of your GPA but stay hopeful and I wish you the best of luck!!!</p>