Chances; Posted this in UCB's section but whatever :-)

<p>Iranian (White?) Male
Unweighted GPA- 3.9
Weighted GPA- 4.3
SAT Reasoning Scores
Math- 800, Reading- 660, Writing- 740= 2200
Planning to take the ACT, just for "fun"
SAT II Scores
Math 2c- 800, Chemistry- 760
Calc BC- 5(5)
English Language- 4
Chemistry- 4
US History- 4
Planning to take Statistics, Macroeconomics, Physics B</p>

<p>Extracurriculurs/ Comm. Service
-Math team<a href="9,10,11,12">/I</a>- School, reigonal, statewide, and national math compeitions (e.g. AMC, BAMO, SCVMA, ASMA, CSU Fresno, SCU Math Field Day); *Middle School Liasion Officer Position- Training middle schoolers for middle school math competitions; also helping with high-school team management; Writing and grading extra credit math tests for Calculus AB students and collaborating with teachers
-*SHARP at UC Berkeley<a href="Summer%202007">/I</a>- Month of intensive research with a mentor in UC Berkeley's nanotech dept., researched optical properties of nanowires, presentation to several staff and interns
-*Cadence Design IT Dept. Intern<a href="Summer%202006">/I</a>- Maintaining the inventory of computers, servers, and computer parts/accessories, managing orders, assembling and fixing broken computers
-*Tae Kwon Do<a href="9,10,11">/I</a>- Trained and practiced the Tae Kwon Do form of martial arts; reached first-degree black belt; paritipated and placed in several form and sparring competitions
-*Speech and Debate Team<a href="9,10,11">/I</a>- Competed in and trained for various speech and debate tournaments, such as Parliamentary/Policy debate, Oratorical Interpretation, and Student Congress
-*Dehkhoda Persian School/Cultural Club<a href="9,10">/I</a>- Helped organize many events including the Persian New Year Celebration and helped run the annual Persian Community Festival for the Bay Area Persian community
-*Teen Challenge<a href="9,10,11">/I</a>- Helped out with secretarial duties such as readying and organizing outgoing mail</p>

-2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th places at various Tae Kwon Do tournaments
-3rd Place in the annual CSU Fresno Leapfrog Math contest (I still love math team :-o)
-5th place in the annual national Persian Olympiad Farsi language exam
-NFL Degree of Excellence (Speech and Debate)
-AP Scholar with Honor
-Some random awards I got in the mail that I have no idea what they are/forgot, so I'm not mentioning them lol.</p>

Let's say essays: [decent, well-done]
Getting recs from calc teacher, spanish teacher, and hopefully the head professor of the dept. that I worked in at Berkeley</p>

<p>Schools (Because it's OK to dream)
MIT, Caltech, Stanford, UCB, UCLA, UCD, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UCI</p>

<p>Strong GPA and SAT, good ECs (especially the internships), and good honors/awards.</p>

<p>Berkeley: match
UCLA: match - safe match
UCSD: safety
UCD/UCSB/UCI/UCSC: safety</p>

<p>You have a good shot at MIT, Caltech, and Stanford; I don't see anything that would keep you out.</p>

<p>Very nice. Same chance as kyle's. If you want a stronger chance at MIT/Caltech/Stanford, try to raise your SATs (obviously).</p>

<p>Lol Wut, Gg No Re</p>

<p>I'm sorry, u'll need at least 850 if you're EVEN CONSIDERING UCD or UCSB. And for MIT.. don't get me started... -_-'</p>

<p>Bump please</p>

<p>It's all luck now. Stats show you will get in.</p>

<p>Probably my last bump. :-)
Thanks a bunch for the responses guys... except for Mr. Battle*idiot*...</p>

<p>You are in at Berkeley for sure. Your SAT Reading score is actually a bit low, that's a ding at Stanford and MIT, but you still have a decent shot. Good luck!</p>

<p>Reaaalllyyy sorry for bumping this up again ^__^ but I had a quick question. One of my teachers told me that I have more of a chance of getting into Caltech as opposed to MIT. Is this true, and why would Caltech be any different?</p>

<p>In-state versus Out of State? </p>

<p>Nevertheless, it ends up being a flip of the coin (or roll of the die) because people that are qualified do not get in and people that don't deserve to get in, do so.</p>

<p>Some think Caltech is easier to get into because its acceptance rate is higher, which is true, but I don't think it's much easier, as it simply has fewer applicants. I'd say your chances are about the same at both.</p>

<p>You should hella go to Berkeley Heerad even tho you might get into Cal Tech and MIT... It's hella cheaper and Berkeley has the second best engineering school in the nation dood... and plus if you went to MIT you wouldn't be able to help me with Chem HW... :)</p>

<p>UCs - Safety
MIT - Match
Stanford - Reach</p>

<p>Bumping old threads ftw!</p>

<p>I wanted to update that I got waitlisted at Caltech and rejected at MIT. Just goes to show how competitive (and random, really) the admissions process really is.</p>