Chances? Pretty please

<li>Priority Application</li>

<li>3.7 UW ( school doesn't give UW)</li>
<li>4.1 W</li>
<li>Freshman: 3.76 W</li>
<li>Sophomore: 3.99 W</li>
<li>Junior: 4.51 W</li>

<li>top 10% -- 23 out of 306</li>
<li>High School Courses

<li>7 AP total, the rest honors</li>
<li>4 on English Lang</li>
<li>5 on Psych</li>
<li>SAT: 1840 (M 590, CR 580, W 670) <-- not my strongest point :/</li>
<li>ACT: 27 (recently took it again but didn't get scores back, unsure as to how I did)</li>
<li>Good essay...I think!</li>
<li>Good letters of recommendation</li>

<li>Summer job -- freshman year--present</li>

<li>National Honor Society, Key Club, Literary Magazine, JV Soccer -- 2 years</li>
<li>JSA and Basketball -- 1 year</li>
-Chairwoman of Key Club's Decorations Committee</li>
<li>Community Service/Volunteering

<li>Spanish tutor once a week</li>
<li>Sunday school teacher at my church every week</li>
<li>Hospital: front desk/gift shop (45+ hours)</li>
<li>CASA Organization fundraiser</li>
<li>Construction/cleaning of my church</li>
<li>Beach clean-up (20+ hours)</li>
<li>Homeless shelter- prepared 200 sandwiches</li>

<li>Distinguished Honors all four years</li>
<li>Two published poems into my school's nationally recognized literary magazine</li>

<p>Sorry for writing so much, I'm just so nervous! I really want to get in. So if you wouldn't mind could you tell me what you think?? Thank you :)</p>

<p>Format is all weird, sorry, thought it would stay the way I made it. Please reply :)</p>

<p>I don't think you will have a problem getting accepted. UD places a priority on rigor of HS courses/grades in major courses/GPA/class rank in their admission decisions. Your stats in these areas are outstanding in my opinion. Unfortuneately you won't find out until the middle of next March. Please don't bite your nails too much waiting. UD has its own version of March Madness as applicants wait for the decisions. It would be my perspective that this time next year you will be a happy Blue Hen. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>I agree with Mwallenmd and send my best wishes to you, as well!</p>

<p>Thank you both so much, made my day!! I hope you're right! And I'll definitely be biting my nails the whole way :P</p>

<p>libby, when my daughter got in two years ago, she found out a few days early by logging in to the admitted students website. She found her acceptance, financial aid package and a video on the Saturday before the letters were mailed.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you zoosermom! I'll definitely be doing that :)</p>