chances @ princeton.

<p>man, i thought i'd gotten away from CC last year. here I am again, hoping to find some solace in your answers.</p>

<p>here we go. chances @ princeton please.</p>

<p>indian male.
top 20 school.
92.5 average. yep i screwed up freshman year. sigh</p>

<p>sats - practices are telling me a 2300.
sat 2's - in may. 780-800 in physics / bio, 750+ in US.</p>

<p>president of the medical club.
editor of the science journal.
biochem research @ a medical school. mad intense.
studying astrophysics under a professor @ columbia.
nat. honor society. </p>

<p>3 ap's this year, as a junior. 1 prior. i think thats the toughest courseload in my year. ap phys and ap bio = killer. my average was a 90 last term, 85's in bio and phys. think that'll really hurt me? friends got anywhere from a 94 - 97 overall average, but with 1-2 ap's. i think i'm somewhat in a better boat, because i took 3, 2 of the hardest offered from collegeboard, but again, i got 85's. so meh... what do you think?
5 ap's next year.</p>

<p>last summer, went abroad w/ a program to work in a school. didnt work out, got sick and the program was stupid. very unorganized and didn't even have my placement ready. so, i got in touch with the peace corps, and worked for them for the week i was there. should i include it? </p>

<p>this summmeerr. research 24/7, or maybe a little less with an internship @ a politicians office. or, if im selected, a trip to israel with a program.</p>

<p>i have a deep interest in physics. i always thought i would end up majoring in something like that, and being premed on the side. in the last year, i found a hidden love for politics and i'm thinking about applying for a political science / international relations major. i'm not sure. i don't have many ec's to back up the interest, so i don't know.</p>

<p>commmenntt away!</p>

<p>hey my man, I would say you are in the mix. When it comes to these schools no matter how impressive you are in the best case its a coin toss. Youve clearly done well enough to be in the discussion so now just finish the job and hope you get lucky.</p>

<p>I think you have a likely chance, though as one ambitious junior handicapping another it's hard to have some credibility. I have to comment on the astro physics thing, lucky... I've had to settle with books like The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene- Columbia physics prof. I too want to pursue a degree in Physics though maybe a minor- mathematics is my thing.
Good luck to you, hope you do well</p>