chances rd??

<p>rural public school on Long Island (NY), white female.</p>

<p>rank: 1/375-ish
gpa: 97.6 UW, 107.5+ weighted
SATI: CR-730, W-750, M-680 (bad, bad morning)-->2160 will retake
SATII: Bio-700 in 9th, World History- 730. will retake bio for 800 and USH</p>

<p>all AP/ honors classes, hardest course load, etc.</p>

<p>AP scores:
AP World: 5
AP Bio:5
AP Eng. Lang.:5
AP Calc AB, AP Eng Lit, AP Chem plus 2 college courses </p>

<p>my ecs are excellent (well, very good at least) i won't bore anyone with the full list, but i have about 5000 hours community service with Girl Scouts, I'm very involved in it, have recieved my Gold Award and Silver Award, and have been leader of my troop and our numerous projects for 12 years. I also play the organ and the piano (13 yrs), edit the school newspaper, volunteer for Special Olympics, and I'm in school clubs and honor societies. I've also received a fare share of awards, in and out of school. </p>

<p>I'm looking to major in biology and philosophy (double major or major/minor), and it is my dream to become a doctor. I'll be applying to the college of arts and sciences.</p>

<p>my SAT scores should increase significantly, they have always been 750+ on practice tests, and now i've been studying even harder to try for an 800. the 680 was a result of carelessness with a scantron and sheer stupidity, so i am sure it will go up. </p>

<p>so, do i have a shot?? any advice would be appreciated :)</p>

<p>I would say that you probably have atleast a 75% chance of getting in, and thats an extremely conservative estimate. If you can get that math up, your app will be almost flawless. There is one thing you must do. You must make sure to write personal essays and come across as human, and not just great statistics. Id say if you can get your math up, and write effective personal essays, you are in. You seem very dedicated, and passionate so those essays should'nt be a problem. Keep up the good work, maybe I will see you at cornell in a year.</p>

<p>thank you for our input. i only hope that my chances are that good :)</p>

<p>any other opinions?</p>

<p>You are applying to Brown ED, right? Well, I wish you the best of luck and believe that you won't have to ever find out if these chances mean anything :)</p>

<p>just as a general question: if there are a ton of kids applying ED from one school (i.e.: like 7 kids from my high school) does cornell discriminate against those kids and generally raise admission standards because so many kids are applying to the same university?</p>

<p>generally your rank becomes more important when multiple kids from the same school are applying to the same college.</p>


<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>Yes, a 2160 is not a bad score.</p>