Chances real quick

<p>Im applying RD and just wanted to ask about my chances. Cornell is probably my favorite school but I wasn't dead set on it so ED was out.
SatII: 740 writing, 750 IIC, 670 physics
ACT: 32
GPA: 3.95 weighted; school does not rank
Varsity Track 10-12
FBLA Pres and Founder 11-12
Human Relations Council 11-12
Approx. 150 hours of volunteering/tutoring
Internship through Scripps Institute of Oceanography (UCSD grad school) as only fall high school intern; 400 hours
Moved from NJ to CA middle of sophmore year
Senior Classes:
AP lit
AP bio
AP calc bc
AP econ/gov
AP music theory
GPA for 1st semester: between 4.8-5.0 (ive tested the classes enough to know where i stand)</p>

<p>I think the internship will help, plus my counsler knows me very well which is something good in a huge class of 830(its MASSIVE i know, my school has 3400 kids!!!)</p>


<p>Yea, I'd say you'll be all right in RD admissions. I don't recall if they do rolling admissions-I don't believe so, but you should be fine. I'm impressed with the Physics SAT II score!! that's a very very tough test; not many people do well on it, or even have the balls to take it! congrats! But as I said, you have very strong info. You're definitely a solid candidate for admission into Cornell (yes, that internship looks very impressive).</p>

<p>id say, on a percent scale, maybe around 70%.</p>

<p>70% sounds a bit unrealistic. What college are you applying to?</p>

<p>arts and sciences</p>

<p>75% with RD.</p>

<p>Cool, I'm in arts. The acceptance rate is about the same at arts as it is at Brown and Dartmouth. I give you 40%. Good luck!</p>