Chances - Regular Decision

<p>White Male
GPA - 3.93 weighted
Class Rank - 40 out of 331 (approx. top 12%)
SAT - 1950
ACT - 29
SATIIs - 570 and 590 (I know, those hurt, retaking but I do not even think they are mandatory for Hamilton if I remember correctly)
Classes - All honors since sophomore year (forced to take a couple level 2 classes at my first school freshman year), and took AP English last year and got a 4 on the exam. I am taking AP Government and Politics, AP Statistics, and AP Economics this year.
- Concert Band for three years (1st seat for one), Upper level Symphony Band (I auditioned to get in) - Alto Sax
- Jazz Band for 3 years - Alto Sax
- Varsity Ski Team - Freshman year before I switched schools
- Ski team for a mountain in Vermont through VARA for 3 years
- History National Honors Society for 2 years
- Worked at a beach club all summer - 40 hrs/week
- Work at lawn company throughout year when needed
- Sufficient Community Service including soup kitchens, fundraiser for my music program, and volunteering through rec department.
Other: Grandfather went there, so did uncle, aunt, and tons of aunt's family. Have a cousin applying this year as well. </p>

<p>Right now I am considering this a "fit" school if I had to group it into a category. GPA and rank could rise by end of 1st semester because I think I am doing quite well right now, but I do not want to jinx anything. But just let me know what you think - Thanks!</p>

<p>PS - Any other Qs let me know.</p>

<p>I think you've got a pretty good shot. Don't submit your SATII. Tell the admissions office to consider your SAT scores only. Those three scores should meet their requirements. If you haven't done so already, consider doing an interview (on-campus or off-campus). Hamilton places heavy emphasis on student's personality and if they are a good fit for the school. Make sure your answer in the supplementary application (why hamilton?) is unique to Hamilton (liberal arts, small school, professors are accessible are all too common). However, if you discuss their open curriculum and how you plan to take advantage of it (in detail), that might be unique. Other than that, you'll do great! Good luck out there!</p>