chances...regular kid!

<p>Selected Colleges:
Your colleges. University of Pennsylvania, University of California - Berkeley, University of Texas at Austin,
New York University</p>

<p>Standardized Tests: SAT I: Verbal: 530 Math: 630 Writing: 560</p>

<p>Academic Strength: Unweighted GPA: 3.62 out of 4.33
My gpa went from 4.08 to 4.13 ->this correction will improve my rank and GPA thatis currently seen
Class Rank: 56 out of 718 students. </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities: Extracurricular: </p>

<p>Marching Band/Drumline
Leadership: Captain/bass drum section leader
Time Spent each week: 12 Hours </p>

<p>Responsibilities/Duties: </p>

<p>• Educate beginners marching style
• Instruct beginners how to interpret a
coordinate chart (Marching Drill)
• Learn cadences/Pep band music for football
games (State Champion football team)
• Learns music for marching show (5
• Learn music/drill for drumline show (Placed
14th out of 75)
• Lead the band/drumline
• Parades/fundraising/Pep rallies </p>

<p>Youth Group Networking Coordinator/Akshar Dhwani Band
(church band)
Leadership: Drum captain, networking head
Time Spent each week: 4 Hours </p>

<p>Responsibilities/Duties: </p>

<p>• Created/updates database (Personal
• Coordinate events (Outings/Sports days)
• Distribute information via Yahoo! Groups
• Mentor youth groups (Sunday service)
• Teach/member Akshar Dhwani Band </p>

<p>Science Society
Leadership: President
Time spent each week: 2 Hours </p>

<p>Responsibilities/Duties: </p>

<p>• Designate events/Contact Guest speakers
from universities (UTA, UTD, UNT)
• Advertises meeting via multimedia
• Set-up experiments/meeting area
• Designed shirt
Awards and Recognitions: Awards/honors: </p>

<p>• Science Standout Award (Chemistry)
• Marcher of the Week Award (School Band)
• National Honor Society - member
• International Baccalaureate curriculum
• Volunteer Service – 150 Hours
• Mu Alpha Theata (Math Honor Society) –
• Bobsled Team (Computer Science Team) –
• Part-Time Job: Cinemark-Usher - 6 hours a
Other Information: Under-represented Minority? no
Location: Texas
• International Baccalaureate curriculum </p>

<p>HL English
HL History of the Americas
HL Math Methods
HL Physics
SL Computer Science
SL Spanish
Extended Essay
CAS </p>

I have 92.993 grade points

<p>"Selected Colleges:
Your colleges. University of Pennsylvania, University of California - Berkeley, University of Texas at Austin,
New York University"</p>

<p>Why are you posting on Stanford board?</p>

<p>NYU- match
UT Austin- match
UC Berkeley- reach
UPenn- reach</p>

<p>Improve SAT by at least 100 points, more involvment in EC (sports, clubs) at school other than music, write damn goog essays</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>You'll be fine if you raise your SAT scores.</p>

<p>math methods isnt HL babe</p>

<p>yes it is dawg.</p>

<p>Math Methods - HL, Math Studies - SL</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>no, its not</p>

<p>ps-im in HL math, its not the same thing as methods</p>

<p>well..I that is what my teacher call it...I am going into calculus my senior year.</p>

<p>HL math is calculus junior year and HL topics senior year. ie: vectors, matrix transformations, induction proofs, and some additional calculus topics. some schools do it a little different, but either way its not nearly comparable to methods. I took a practice methods test in class at the end of my sophmore year (for fun) and scored a 6. in HL math this year, i doubt i will break a 5...</p>

<p>in my school the highest you can go is calculus.</p>

<p>I like all of your stats except for your SAT. Raise it to 2200+ and you'll have a decent shot at schools like Stanford and UPenn.</p>

<p>you probably wont get into any of these schools, except for UT Austin, unless you raise your SAT score to 1350+</p>