Chances so far for a high school junior wanting to get into UT BHP? Will chance back!

Hello! I am currently a high school junior living in Texas. UT BHP has been my dream since freshman year and I was wondering what y’all think my chances are so far. Thank you in advance!

School Performance:

*Unweighted GPA: 4/4
*Weighted GPA: 102.408 (Weighted GPA is calculated at my school by taking all of a student’s grades and averaging them together. Honors and AP classes get averaged in with +10 points.)
4.57/5 on the 4 + 1 for weighted classes scale
*Rank: 14/579 at a competitive high school, but i should be able to break top 10 by the end of the semester. At the very least I know I can get 13.

Test Scores:

*SAT I - 2240 (720/770/750, highest single sitting, 2nd try), super score is 2290 (740/770/780)
*New SAT: signed up for the March test, 1480 on the new PSAT (crossed fingers for NM O:-) )
*ACT: signed up for April test, highest practice test so far has been a 36 though
*SAT II - I will be taking some this year, which should I take?


Freshman year - Honors Geometry, Honors English I, Honors Biology, AP Human Geography, Spanish 1, AVID 1, Theater 1, Competitive Debate 1, Algebra 2 (online summer course)

Sophomore year - Honors Precalc, Honors English 2, Honors Chemistry, AP World History, Honors Spanish 2, AVID 2, Competitive Debate 2, AP Psychology, PE (half credit over the summer)

Junior year - AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP English Lang. and Comp., AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP US History, Honors Spanish 3, Competitive Debate 3

Senior year (subject to change) - AP Calculus BC, AP English Lit. and Comp., AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics 2, AP Biology, AP Macroeconomics, AP Government, AP Spanish 4, Competitive Debate 4

AP Scores (so far) :

AP Human Geography - 5
AP World History - 5
AP Psychology - 4

Scores TBD - AP Stats, AP Calc AB and BC, AP US History, AP Physics 1, 2, and C mechanics, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Gov, AP Macro, AP Span, and AP Eng lang. and lit. for a grand total of 17 ~X(

Extracurricular Activities:

*AVID - member for 2 years, quit junior year because i wanted to use the schedule space for AP Physics 1.
*Chess Club - 3 years so far, club President
*Debate Team - 3 years so far, Captain of CX and President
*Engineering Club - 1 year, member.
*Improv Team - member for 3 years,our performances rake in $400 a night on average with a portion going to charity. Will be President next year when current President graduates.
*Key Club - Officer all 3 years in a top 25 Texas-Oklahoma Key Club, will be the new Lieutenant Governor of my Key Club division in April. I’ll be managing the service and communications between 11 key clubs and over 500 students.
*League Club - 3 years so far, literally a club dedicated to playing League of Legends lol. President now and have experince organizing official local LoL tournaments between schools in my district. Shout out to any LoL players reading this :)>-
*National Honor Society - member for 1 year now, will be an officer next year.
*Photography Club - member for 1 year so far
*PSAT Team - member for 2 years
*Science UiL Team - member for two years now, going all out this year, team makes it to the regionals every year but only one or two standout individual members from our team make it to state every now and then. I’ve never been extraordinarily gifted at science, but I’ll see where this goes.
*Math UiL Team - didn’t join until 2nd semester this year when it came out of inactivity, The future is looking good.

Work Experience

*Baby Sitter for 1 year
*Currently trying to start up a tutoring branch for Top Tier Learning, a company recently started up by a couple UT students, in my hometown with a few friends. If successful, I should be a tutor by the end of March.

Volunteer Experience

*Local library volunteer for 2 years, had to stop junior year because I wanted to focus on school
*150+ volunteer hours so far from volunteer work with Key Club and my school NHS ranging from aiding the elderly in retirement homes to helping tornado victims in a neighboring city.

Awards and Achievement:

*:Published an article in the T-O district Key Club magazine
*T-O DCON Oratory Contest Winner
*Volunteer of 2014 at my local library
*Various placement awards for UIL science competitions
*AP Scholar (National scholar if May goes well)
*Hopefully a National Merit Semi-finalist or higher
*attended the Mav Up program at UT Arlington
*will get my high school’s top 3% raward
*will get top 60 district student award

Essays - I plan to start writing these during the summer. They will be decent at the very least, probably a strong 7/10 or 8/10

Teacher recommendations - I already know which teachers I’m going to ask, they are going to be very strong 9/10s or 10/10s. Even if they aren’t required, I think they’ll help me. One of them also went to UT, so I’m hoping that’ll boost my case.

Counselor Rec: I don’t have a very strong relationship with my counselor, I will most likely be average. Does anyone know if this one required?

-Asian male
-I like to run, practice photography, and travel.
-Experienced with graphic design
-TX resident

Am I on track for UT BHP? Is there anything I should significantly try to improve within this new semester?

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure your well on track. Don’t worry. Your stats and ecs are great!

I think you’re on the right track for acceptance everything certainly looks good right now. You’re well on your way. Best of luck!
Chance back?

Dude…you KNOW that you’re on track to get accepted. Your test scores, gpa and ECs are amazing! Quit acting as if you are somehow not good enough to get into UT and realize that you’re a great student :smiley:

If you don’t get in with those stats, I don’t know who can. I’d say you have an excellent chance if getting in. Chance me back please!

You have a great chance, and no a counselor rec is not required, they recommend a letter of rec and they said 2 max (asked an admissions counselor). I’d say you are into McCombs 100% but I know BHP is competitive, so you aren’t a lock but you have as good a chance as anyone. I am also a junior and my dream school is UT, hopefully we will both be in the Class of 2021! @Aztreas

haha, let’s do it!

Dude those stats are fantastic you have a very good chance. Good luck!

Thank you!