<p>uhh yeah so i thought i would go ahead and see what my chances would be....</p>

<p>GPA: 4.945 weighted, 3.918 unweighted
rank: 23/872 weighted (97%), 43/872 unweighted (95%)
SAT: 2230, CR: 730, M: 710, W: 790
ACT: 33 w/ writing, considering the retake i think i could get 35
PSAT: 227
SAT IIs: spanish: 760, math II: 670, literature: 690....considering retaking these too, not sure which ones i would do
APs: taken lang and comp (4), micro econ (4), macro econ (5), spanish (4)...going to take amer. gov't, comp. gov't, calc AB, and lit and comp
activities: football: hopefully a captain senior year, lettered last year and started a couple games on a good team.....lacrosse: captain, overall MVP, defensive MVP of jv team in 05, started one game and lettered as a junior, lots of summer group: 2 hr biweekly meetings, 15 hrs of service, grades 11 and 12......bands: played in several bands freshman year and raised more than $300 for charity by organizing concerts.....NHS: considering running for president next year</p>

<p>for what it's worth i have dad went there, he made phi beta kappa and is pretty successful in work....hasn't like donated millions or dollars or anything</p>

<p>oh and if you could maybe throw in a few other schools i could go (interested in dartmouth, UVA, basically fun places with good academics)</p>

<p>try upenn, fun place, good academics</p>

<p>you have good chances....also consider duke, stanford??</p>