Chances @ Stanford

<p>Basically, I have a string academicrecord but lack ECs. I'm applying Early Action to Stanford and wish to know my chances...</p>


<p>Rank: tied for 1st out of 411
GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.96 weighted
SAT: 750V, 710M(3rd time in a row, argh...), probably won't take it again
SATIIs: none yet (but Stanford ED will take ACT); plan to take some later<br>
ACT: 31 Cumulative (only took it once)
APs: Euro 4
Calc. AB 5
World 5
Stats 4
Eng. Lang. 5</p>

<p>Courses Taken Junior and Senior Years:
11th-- Art 3, PE3, AP Calculus AB, AP European History, Spanish 2,<br>
AP Statistics, AP Language, Physics Honors
12th--Art Honors, AP Studio Art, Spanish 3 Honors, AP Psychology,
AP U.S.Government, AP U.S. History, AP Biology,
AP Literature </p>

<p>ECs: NHS, Tutoring Calculus Students, Cross-Country (and maybe Swimmming and Track), Science Olympiad, HOBY and FTE Leadership Conferences over the past 2 summers, Academy of Scholars, 1st place pieces in some art shows, and not much else </p>


<p>I really messed around when I should have concentrated more on how to get into college. If I hadn't slacked last year (taken an extra PE, taken Honors Physics instead of AP, done some after-school stuff), noone would be close to my rank. Also, my lack of ECs could be detrimental to my aspirations to go to a good school. The person I'm tied w/ in rank is similar to me, but the #3 guy in my class has a crazy array of ECs and (I believe) the greatest chance out of all of us to "go anywhere he wants," as they say. </p>

<p>If Stanford seems unlikely, could y'all suggest some high caliber institutions to which I might make a good fit?</p>

<p>Also, chances at Harvard and CalTech would be nice too.</p>

<p>My back-up is UNC Chapel-Hill, since I'm in-state.</p>

<p>You are rocking man. Good luck at your apps. I think Stanford will want you, definately need some strong rec's and essays though.</p>

<p>UNC is an awesome school, though, and you are lucky to get in so easily b/c you're in state. (Growl....i love that school). </p>

<p>Harvard is overrated! haha I'm gonna get shot for that. My friend's brother goes there, he says the hardest part is getting in. Everyone gets A's.</p>

<p>I am thinking of applying to Stanford too, if you are pessemistic about your chances, then yikes for me!!!! My stats is only 1400 SAT (800m, 600v). Ecs are weak, GPA 4.0 (unweighted) no AP. no Honours (b/c i am Canadian, my school doesn't offer any of that). Good Luck to you :). By the way, how did u answer that question about sharing intellectual stuff on the application????? I am having trouble with it!!!! :(</p>


<p>To Newby I have something to share: I have been lazy on my essays. The intellectual essay is difficult for me as well. Would talking about evolutionary psychology sound "intellectual" or like I'm clueless as to what they want?</p>


<p>Damn this forum fills up quick!!</p>


<p>I guess this is the last time I bump, because there doesn't seem to be much interest.
As someone said on another post:
"Everyone and there mother is doing stanford EA."</p>

<p>Why is everyone doing stanford EA!!!!!! now i have like no chance at all, and they won't defer, so i'm screwed</p>