Chances Stern

<p>Race: White
Sex: Female
School: Public
GPA: unw 3.82 w 4.52
Rank: 6/272
ACT: 32
SAT II: Math 1 690 US History 600
39 hours of college credit through dual enrollment with local community college</p>

My school doesnt offer AP classes but we have the AICE program done through Combridge University in England where a grade of C or better on examinations is the equivalent of 4 or 5 on AP.
AICE US History- C
AICE Intenational History- C
AICE Thinking Skills- AS and A level C (A level is much harder)
AICE Latin- A
AICE General Paper- B
AICE English Lang.- B</p>

<p>Senoir Schedule
Dual Enrolled Criminal Justice/Crime and Delinquency
AICE English Lit
Calculus AB/AICE Math (sit for the AP test but not formal AP class)
AICE Classical Studies
AICE Economics
Dual Enrolled Pyschology/Human Relations
Key Club 4 yrs
Student Government (Class VP all 4 years)
Science Club (Treasurer Sr. year) 2 yrs
Diamond Girls-basically like baseball cheerleaders lol (VP Jr. year) 2 yrs
Beta Club 3 yrs
NHS 2 yrs
Mu Alpha Theta 3 yrs
Latin Club 4 yrs
Latin Honor Society (95 A average for admission) 4 yrs
Spanish Club 2 yrs
Senoir Project Club (fundraising club to raise funds for Grad Bash)
over 200 hours of community service</p>

<p>Job Experience
2 yrs paid intern at local hospitality firm working in admin/marketing
Volunteer for 2008 Obama Campaign "Organizing For America" answering phones and going door-to-door informing young people able voting</p>

History Fair- School/County 1st place
National Merit Commended Student
2010 Columbia University High School Summer Program (Business of Sports)
Academic Gold Letter- 3 yrs (silver freshman year)
National Latin Exam- Cum Laude Certificate 2008, 2009
Cambridge Scholar- A grade of C or better on 3 or more AICE examinations
AICE Diploma- required to pass 6 exams (I passed 7 so far and sitting for 4 more in June)</p>

<p>Well on paper, you are a strong candidate! I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks! I’m really nervous because I got rejected from Columbia ED a couple days ago so my spirits have been kinda crushed lately. Luckily NYU has ED2 so I still have a good chance. Where are you applying?</p>

<p>You’re applying ED2 to NYU? Is that allowed? I got rejected ED by an Ivy a few days back too. I really want NYU but I wasn’t sure if we could apply ED anymore, since I’ve already applied once…</p>

<p>Sorry if I’m wrong, but you might want to double check if you’re allowed to ED2 after you’ve EDed to another institution. Since both are on the common app, I’m not sure if that’s really allowed (but then again I might be wrong).</p>

<p>I just checked the Common App agreement, and it seems that as long as you only have ONE ED agreement at a time it’s fine, but you might want to check with NYU’s policy about that.</p>

<p>Don’t worry - Columbia is a little random. I know someone who got rejected from Columbia but now goes to Harvard.
Also, you can apply EDII to NYU. Since your EDI didn’t pan out, your EDII option is available for NYU. There are no policies restricting you from applying EDII.</p>

<p>yeahh I think you can only have one ED at a time because I can still pull up the ED agreement for NYU even thoguh I already did it with Columbia…or at least I hope so</p>

<p>Your ECs are a bit too spread out, try to group them in focus
For Stern, take Maths II instead of Maths I</p>

<p>Someone told me that math II is easier to get a higher grade (obviously you have to know the math) because of the curve…is that true? I think they got like a 750 on math II and like 600 something on math I</p>

<p>bump…chance me please</p>

<p>forgot to mention ED2 BPE program or Finance/Intl Business</p>