chances.. suggestions

<p>I am a high school Junior at a Catholic School in Alabama. Georgetown is first choice.. any suggestions. AP US last year, Euro & Bio this year. School claims all others are Honors but might not be considered.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.6 u/w<br>
4.1 w (school has strange system)</p>

<p>AP US:3
taking: AP Euro
AP Bio
planning: Stat, English, Gov.</p>


<p>Student Council class rep: 10
Student Council (school) President: 11
Scholars Bowl Captain:11
JV captain: 10
Latin Club Treasurer: 9, 10
Junior classical league (Alabama) treasurer: 11
Spanish Club treasuerer: 11
Social studies club member: 10, 11
Debate team member: 10
Young Democrats member 10, 11</p>

100+ hours
Kerry Campaign/Dem headquarters
Tutoring students in European history</p>

Vanderbilt Program Talented Youth:02, 04
Duke TIP: 03
JSA Georgetown, Honors Con-law: 05 (A)</p>

<p>Chances.. or any suggestions</p>


<p>Any SAT/ACT scores?</p>

<p>how can your u/w be higher than your weighted?</p>

<p>Sorry.. 4.06</p>