Chances to Andover, Deerfield, Saint Paul's, etc...

<p>Hi! I'm currently looking at Andover, Deerfield, Saint Paul's, Kent, Berkshire, Blair, and Holderness. I will only be applying to four of those schools and would like to know my chances as of now. Thanks.</p>

<p>I am a Jewish male in ninth grade applying to ninth grade. I hope that in being Jewish I will have a slight edge over those the other religions that are more populous in boarding schools.</p>

<p>Israeli Citizenship/Living in the U.S for 11 Years with Greencard; currently applying for Dual Citizenship here. I am White and speak fluent Hebrew</p>

<p>I will need about 33k FA, not full</p>

<p>8th Grade Academics-
Social Studies-A+

<p>(I took the only possible Accelerated course, which was Algebra one Math for 9th Grade) </p>

<p>Regents Score- A-</p>

<p>I did not start 9th grade but it is probable that the grades will remain similar, as they have for most of my educational career.</p>

N.J.H.S Member (National Junior Honor Society)
Qualified for NYC Science Exit Project Competition
Recieved Notable Award for Excellence in Academics from a top University
Recieved Summa Cum Laude Award eight quarters in a row
Placed 7th out of 13th Place in first Debate Competition against the best teams in the city. </p>

<p>I did not have much time to practice for the SSAT as a consequence of personal reasons but recieved an 86 Percentile Overall. This summer I have, although, been studying and will continue to do so. I am confident that I will get above a 90% this time, as I have been making around 20 index cards a day for vocabulary and have been practicing geometry math which I will take this year.</p>

<p>In my interview for Exeter last year I did extremely well. I think that the interview will not be a problem this year, and will only help me to be accepted.</p>

<p>The recommendations also, I hope will be spectacular because all my life, I have had fond relationships with even the toughest teachers. </p>

<p>Extracurriclar activities-</p>

<p>Basketball-6 Years-Eight Hours a Week- JV SG Starter
Cycling- 5 Years- 5 Hours a Week Alone
Guitar-5 Years- 5 Hours a Week-Private Tutor (1 Year Alone)
Swimming-5 Years-3 Hours a Week
Peer Tutoring-5 Years – 5 Hours a Week (School)
Debate Team-4 Years-Exceptional Achievement Award for Traveling Team in NYC
Italian-2 Years-3 Hours/Week-Rosetta Stone
Student Council-1 Year-(Will join in 9th grade)
Model U.N-1 Year(Will join in 9th grade)</p>

<p>Based on this, what do you think my chances to each of these schools will be??
Thanks again! :P</p>

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<p>You can't really ask for much more. You're pretty much the all-around kid who does everything. Best of luck with the apps.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! That means a ton from someone who's going to Milton! Haha. :) I appreciate your time.</p>

<p> do you have time for all of those ECs while still having grades like that??haha
You seem like a great canidate and I think any school would see that. Don't worry about that 86%...some don't get that after taking it multiple times! You seem determined to get into BS and that is a good quality to have throughout this process.
Feel free to PM me!</p>

<p>Haha, Thanks! Well, some of the ECs that I participate in are school-related so it kind of works out. Thank you so much! I do really want to go to boarding school! :D I will definetly PM you throught this process. Thanks again for your time! That's also really reassuring to hear from someone who's gotten into boarding schools :) Haha.</p>

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